Cops suspect motive of three Pakistanis arrested in Bengaluru, team to visit Qatar

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A team of the Bengaluru city police is likely to visit Qatar as part of its probe into the arrest of three Pakistani nationals. While the Pakistani nationals have claimed that marriage and love were the reason for them to settle in India, their motive is still suspect and a team is likely to visit Qatar where the four worked earlier.

Cops suspect motive of three Pakistanis arrested in Bengaluru, team to visit Qatar

"There might be other reasons for them to have come to India. We are in the process of verifying their claims and agenda. Details of the Pakistan nationals are under the scanner by central agencies. We will travel to Qatar where they used to work if the need arises. That does not mean that we have arrived at a conclusion but their version is not believable," said Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Police Bengaluru

While the police are not willing to state details of the case on record, sources reveal that inconsistencies in their statements confirm that there is more to the love and marriage story. Sources even maintained that while Samira has claimed to have been married to Kerala native Muhammad Shihab, two other Pakistani nationals Khasif and Kirhon claim to be married but have no proof of the same. All four accused's urgency to get Aadhaar cards has led the investigating authorities to believe that there was more than what meets the eye.

Their choice to settle in India when Qatar or any other West Asia country was more suitable financially or in terms of safety has raised suspicion. The accused's move of leaving behind their documents with a hotel owner in Nepal has also made their story unbelievable, police sources claimed.

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