Cops smile as major rift hits naxal movement

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New Delhi, Sept 24: The Telangana and Chattisgarh police who are fighting the naxal menace could take solace out of the fact that there is a major dispute in the ranks of the naxals.

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The dispute amongst the cadres has risen to such a level that many naxals from Chattisgarh are trying to enter into Telangana. The bone of contention is that the local cadre of Chattisgarh are unhappy with the presence of the Warrangal cadre in their state.

Major rift hits naxal movement

The internal rift led to the naxals holding an all important meeting in Chattisgarh in the month of March 2015. It was decided that those belonging to the Telangana cadre will gradually return to their state.

Telangana cadre unhappy:
As per the inputs that have been picked up by the local intelligence in both Telangana and Chattisgarh, the decision to move the Telangana cadre out has not been welcomed. The Telangana cadre are not comfortable with moving back to their state.

They feel that they have contributed immensely to the movement in Chattisgarh and getting back to Telangana would put them at risk.

Moreover when a batch of seven naxals entered into Warrangal and conducted a survey, they realized that they had no local support. In the absence of local support it is impossible to run a movement.

Moreover some of the local leaders of the naxal movement holed up in Telangana too were not happy with this idea. They felt that the time is not right to have such a massive force movement as the Telangana police are on the hunt for naxals.

The Chattisgarh cadre on the other hand do not want the Telangana cadre to remain in the state. They feel that the heat on them is double considering the police forces of both the states are hunting for them.

Moreover they also feel that all the resources ought not to be focused on one state only and it is time to re-do the Telangana module and open the gateway to South.

No local support:
Police officers from Telangana tell OneIndia that the support base for the naxals is next to nil in the state. Recently a batch of naxals entered into Warrangal through the Godavari river.

They stayed in Warrangal for sometime and analysed the situation on the ground. However the locals were clear that they did not want them around.

The naxals reported to their leaders about the same and it was stated that unless and until there is local support there is no point in trying to open up a module.

The locals have made it clear that they do not want the menace in the state and development ought to be given a chance. It would take sometime since it is a new state and if the naxal menace grows then it is curtains for peace and development.

The police are however taking no chances. While adding that there is no resurgence of the movement in Telangana, the police say that they need to be on the watch at all times as the naxals will make several more attempts to try and enter into the state.

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