BJP TSUNAMI in Uttar Pradesh: India Today-My Axis India exit polls

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The BJP is in for a big tsunami-like win in Uttar Pradesh. According to the exit poll conducted by India Today-My Axis India, the BJP is winning anything between 251 to 279 out of the 403 seats. The SP-Congress is winning 88 to 112 falling well short of the 202 mark in the 403 member Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his road show in Varanasi. Photo credit: PTI

The big loser in the BSP which was aiming a comeback this election according to the exit poll. The BSP is winning just 28 to 42 seats.

Uttar Pradesh Exits Poll 2017 - 403 Seats / 202 to win
 India News-MRCTimes Now-VMRC-VoterABP News-LoknitiChanakya
SP - Congress Alliance120110 to 130135 to 147156 to 16988
BJP185190 to 210155 to 167164 to 176285
BSP9057 to 7481 to 9360 to 7227
Others080808 to 1002 to 0603

According to the exit poll, the BJP did well in all the seven phases. Here is the breakdown:

Phase 1: BJP winning 50 out of the 73 seats in the first phase. The SP has fallen to 7 seats. The BSP is winning 7.

Phase 2: SP-Congress combine, 30 out of the 67 seats in the second phase of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The BJP gets 21 while the BSP 3.

Phase 3: BJP is winning 39, SP-Congress 15 and the BSP, 8.

Phase 4: BJP is winning 37 out of the 52 seats. The SP and Congress will win 12 and others 4. The BSP is drawing a blank.

Phase 5: BJP is winning 26 out of 52 seats. The SP-Congress combine is winning 12 while the BSP is winning 1.

Phase 6: BJP is winning 34 out of the 49 seats. The SP:Congress alliance is winning 8 while the BSP gets 5. Others have drawn a blank.

Phase 7: The BJP is winning 34 out of the 40 seats. The SP-Congress is winning 1 while the BSP gets 2 and others 1.


The Congress is winning in Punjab according to the India Today-My Axis India exit polls. The exit poll predict that the Congress will win 62 to 71 seats in Punjab. The big news is that the SAD-BJP combine is reduced to 4 to 7 seats in the state which witnessed a high profile campaign.

Punjab Exit Poll 2017 - 117 Seats / 50 to win
 India Today-My Axis IndiaChanakyaC-Voter
SAD+BJP04 to 070905 to 13
Congress62 to 715441 to 49
AAP42 to 515459 to 67
Others00 to 020000 to 03

The Aam Admi Party which made its debut in the state is winning 42 to 51 seats in the state of Punjab according to the exit polls while the others may win 2. According to the poll the BJP and the SAD will be routed in the elections. The poll states that the vote share of the SAD-BJP combine has dropped by 17 per cent.


The India Today-My Axis India predicts a big win for the BJP in Uttarakhand. According to the exit poll, the BJP will win anything between 46 to 53 seats in Uttarakhand.
The Congress is a big loser here according to the exit polls. The party is winning 12 to 21 seats in the state. Others will bag 1 to 4 seats the exit poll states.

Uttarakhand Exit Poll 2017 - 70 Seats / 36 to win
 ChanakyaIndia Today-My Axis IndiaC-VoterIndia News-MRC
BJP5346 to 5329 to 3538
Congress1512 to 2129 to 3530
Others0202 to 0602 to 0902

The vote share for the BJP in Punjab is at 43 per cent. For the Congress, it is 34 per cent while the vote share for others is at 8 per cent, the India Today-My Axis India states.


The India Today-My Axis India has predicted that the BJP is ahead in Goa. The exit poll gives the BJP anything between 18 and 22 seats. The BJP is ruling in the state. For the Congress, the seat prediction is at 9 to 13 seats.

Goa Exit Poll 2017 - 40 Seats / 21 to win
 C-VoterMRC-NewsXIndia Today-My Axis IndiaIndia News-MRC
BJP15 to 211518 to 2215
Congress12 to 181009 to1310
AAP00 to 040700 to 0207
Others02 to 080004 to 0908

The Aam Admi Party which was looking to make in the state has been given 0 to 2 seats. For the MGP and Shiv Sena combine, the exit poll gives 3 to 6 seats while in the case of the others the tally is at 1 to 3.

The exit poll says that the BJP's vote share in the state is at 35 per cent. The Congress has got a vote share of 32 per cent, while in the case of others it is at 8 per cent.


The Congress has some reason to smile about. The party is winning big in Manipur and is set to retain its winning streak of 15 years. The India Today- My Axis India exit poll gives the Congress 30 to 36 seats.

Manipur Exit Poll 2017 - 60 Seats / 31 to win
 C-VoterIndia TVIndia Today-My Axis India
BJP25 to 312516-22
Congress17 to 231730-36
Others09 to 150903-05

For the BJP, the exit poll predicts 16 to 22. According to the exit poll, the chances of the BJP forming a government in Manipur has been dashed. The BSP is winning 3 to 5 seats in Manipur. In the case of others, it is 3 to 6 the exit polls predict.

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