Congress asks PM Modi to spell out how foreign visits benefitted India

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Jammu, May 20: Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his foreign visits, Congress today asked him to spell out how the country has benefitted from his tours as it questioned the decision to extend USD 1 billion to Mongolia.

Sarcastically describing Modi as "Maharaj" (King), Congress spokesman Raj Babbar said he "should come out with a white paper about the benefits and good things that have happened to India with regard to his foreign trips starting from Australia, Canada, Germany, China and Mongolia and Seoul now."

'How Modi's foreign tours benefited?'

Accusing the Prime Minister of practising "self-centred politics", he said, "We should know how India has been benefitted from the foreign trips of the Prime Minister. People of the country want to know that."

Babbar said Modi is behaving virtually like a King and delivering sermons as if everything has happened in India because of him. Without taking the name of Modi, he said, "my way or highway used to be the theory in the West where Mafias used to shoot and throw those persons on highway who did not agree with them."

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He is deciding who among the Ministers will speak on which issues despite being the Ministers of Particularly department. Referring to comments of ruling NDA ally Shiv Sena that while Modi has given funds to Mongolia, farmers are starving in Maharashtra, Babbar said, "the PM has been given right kind of advice by the coalition partner."

The Congress spokesman said, "he (PM) has given funds to Mongolia from the earning of the state exchequer of the UPA period. This government has hardly be able to generate resources till now".

He added that "granting funds to Mongolia is a good thing. But at the same time, the amount he has given to Mongolia is estimated at Rs 22,500 to Rs 30,000 per citizen. But in Maharashtra a farmer is forced to commit suicide for he fails to repay an amount of Rs 10,000 loan."


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