Confession of the Burdwan mastermind

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Kolkata, Nov 10: S K Rahmatlla alias Sajid alias Shambu is being questioned by the National Investigating Agency for his alleged role in the Burdhwan coup and the details that he has been spilling out only suggest the larger picture and also corroborates what the rest of the accused have been saying.

India a launching pad to attack Bangladesh

During his interrogation he says that they had only a single point agenda and that was to carry out attacks in Bangladesh.

"Our target was not India, but we saw to it that all attacks would be launched out of India. We wanted to make West Bengal as the launch centre and since the year 2009 when we commenced the operation we had no hurdles in setting up the modules and this made it a perfect launch pad for us. I am a Bangladeshi national and my father Lt. Siddique Miyan is an ex-army man. I have spent time in jail in Bangladesh as we were protesting against the Awami League. In Bangladesh I used to live at Vill Farajikanda, P.O. Madangunj, P.S.Bandar, District Narayangunj," said Sajid.

More modules

Meanwhile the latest round of questioning of Sajid reveals that his wife Fatima an Indian was tasked with setting up a woman's module in Odisha. All the wife's of the operatives had crucial roles to play he also revealed. He says that the women played a very important role in this operation. They were to transport the bombs to West Bengal by road and this would not have generated much heat.

We had also advised the women to travel to other states and encourage others to join. Some of the women were also told to lay honey traps on government officials to seek information and also favours. It worked to a large extent in West Bengal and we were confident that it would work in other states as well. The Majlis-e-Shura or the central committee of the Jamaat maintained that what we needed to build was an army and not a terror outfit. We were told to deploy the tactics that an army would do. Gathering intelligence, setting traps planting moles were among the various other activities that we had planned, Sajid also told the NIA.

Enemies of bilateral relations between India-Bangladesh

The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh has a core committee, which planned this entire operation. At first we only infiltrated people into West Bengal. I was given the charge of commander for this operation. I made friends with local leaders, religious leaders to further the cause. There are several camps within West Bengal's border areas, which run camps for infiltrators. These camps were set up by local politicians who ensured that we got all our documents. I was able to get a Drivers Licence, EPIC card and also a Pan Card two days after I came to West Bengal.

We were planning to put together a force of over 500 people in India. We were bringing people down to West Bengal to train them and then send them back we were ready to carry out the strikes. We were just months away from launching our first operation, but then our module was busted due to the bomb accidentally going off at Burdwan.

In the JMB, we believed that if we used India as a launching pad to strike at Bangladesh, the relations between the two countries would go sour. A strong relationship between India and Bangladesh was not good for us and our goal or establishing a Greater Bangladesh and also implementing the Sharia law was being hampered due to good ties.

Helping hands

Kausar and Zia-ul-Haq worked closely with me. Kausar did a lot of the ground work, which included moving the arms, procuring materials and also handing over the money to the modules. All the money, which was used to set up these modules were sent by the JMB from Bangladesh. It was sent in various ways. For the top rung operatives, the money was deposited in banks while the rest had it hand delivered.

Most of the money that was spent was on bribing officials, picking up land, setting up training camps and also procuring the arms. We procured most of the arms and ammunition locally as it was too risky bringing it in from the other side of the border. We had built up local contacts with the help of the SIMI members who helped us get the arms that we needed.

The action plan 

The plan was to launch the first series of attacks from West Bengal. We also had modules set up in Assam which would be used in the second phase. When the accidental blast occurred at Burdwan, our first intention was to cover up the entire operation. Some members of the local establishment who were aware of what we were up to helped a great deal, but by then the cover was busted. We instructed our cadres to destroy as much evidence as possible. At no point were we going to give up the plan and we thought that it would not blow so out of proportion.

Our central committee told me to stay low for sometime, but not give up the operation. We will wait for things to calm down and then restart the process. At no cost did we want a hurried operation for the sake of it and we were ready to wait another five years more to commence our operation again. A lot of the cadres have moved to different parts of India. Some have even managed to enter into Bangladesh and have been told to wait there until further orders.

The JMB is very serious about this entire operation and will not let it go at any cost. Shaking up the Awami League is the sole agenda of the JMB which wants to ensure that the rule of the Jamaat-e-Islami is restored at any cost in Bangladesh.

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