Delhi Assembly polls: Who will be winner? What the surveys say?

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New Delhi, Feb 5: The Delhi Assembly polls are heading for a neck-to-neck fight between the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP.

A look at seat projections and vote shares projected by eight opinion polls shows that it is BJP Vs AAP in the national capital and Congress is nowhere in the picture.

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Out of these, four have predicted victory for BJP while three projected a majority for AAP. Only one poll has predicted a hung assembly.

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Surveys by India TV-C Voter, The Week-IMBR, IBN 7-Data Mineria and Zee-Taleem Research Foundation (TRF) gave BJP 36 out of 70 seats. News Nation, on the other hand, predicted a hung assembly with BJP winning 31-35 seats with AAP notching 30-34 in a neck-and-neck contest.

While the India TV-C-Voter survey gives BJP 37 seats, it projects 28 seats for AAP and 5 for Congress in the polls.
The Week-IMBR survey gives BJP 36 seats and AAP 29 seats while only 4 seats to Congress.

Another pre-poll survey by Data Mineria, telecast by IBN-7, has also given BJP 36 seats and AAP 27 seats, with 7 to Congress.

A Zee-Taleem survey has projected 32 to 36 seats for BJP, 30 to 34 for AAP and 4 for Congress while News Nation channel has given BJP 30-35 seats, AAP 30-34 and Congress 3-5.

An internal survey by AAP claimed a clear majority for it giving itself 51 seats followed by 15 to BJP and four seats for Congress.

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav, himself a psephologist, said in the best case scenario AAP may get 57 seats and in the worst it will bag at least 44 seats.

The India Today-Cicero pre-poll survey on Tuesday projected AAP will get 38-46 seats and BJP will secure 19-25 seats. Congress was placed way behind with only 3-7 seats.

In the 'Poll of Polls' by Times Now TV channel based on the results of five polls, AAP gets 34 out of 70 seats.

Predictions by pre-poll surveys :
AajTak-Cicero survey
BJP: 19-25
AAP: 38-46
Congress: 0-2

The Week-IMRB survey
BJP: 36
AAP: 29
Congress: 0-2

ABP-Nelson survey
BJP: 29
AAP: 35
Congress: 6

Zee-Talim survey
BJP: 32
AAP: 34
Congress: 4

IndiaTV-C Voter survey
BJP: 37
AAP: 28
Congress: 5

HT-C fore survey
BJP: 27-32
AAP: 36-41
Congress: 2-7

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