1-year of Modi govt: Citizenship to Hindus from Pakistan, Afghanistan quadrupled

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New Delhi, May 21: Living up to its promises made during Lok Sabha election, Modi government has granted Indian citizenship to record number of people from Pakistan and and Afghanistan. Reportedly, this is nearly four times of the number of visas granted during preceding five years of UPA.

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According to a ET report, the BJP government has given citizenship to 4,230 Hindus and Sikhs from these two countries during last one year. The figure was one fourth during UPA's five years(1023).

Sharp rise in citizenship to Hindus

BJP in its 2014 Lok Sabha manifesto had declared that India is ‘a natural home for persecuted Hindus'.

During run up to Lok sbha election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, "We have a responsibility towards Hindus who are harassed and suffer in other countries. India is the only place for them... we will have to accommodate them here".

Reportedly in coming months, more number of people from Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will be given Indian citizenship. Sources says that Home Ministry is trying to expedite the whole process of visa approval and trying to remove any bottlenecks in between.

Report says that since coming to power in May last year, total 19,000 migrants have been given visas in Madhya Pradesh, 11,000 in Rajashthan and 4,000 in Gujarat.

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