Shocking! Chilli bite claims minor’s life in New Delhi

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New Delhi, Mar 14: In a rare incident, a minor girl in Delhi died after she accidentally took a bite of chilli, media reported on Monday.

The incident took place a few months ago and has now been published in the Medico-Legal Journal, reported the Times of India.

Chilli bite kills minor girl in Delhi

The girl died of respiratory failure despite medical intervention. Toddler's death was caused by gastric fluids getting into the respiratory tract, said the autopsy report conducted at AIIMS.

According to report the victim vomited several times, resulting in fluids getting into the wind pipe.

"Aspiration of gastric contents resulting in death due to respiratory failure is not uncommon. However, this is the first such case involving the accidental bite of a chilli at our hospital. It is rarely reported in medical-legal literature," said Dr Chittaranjan Behera, the autopsy surgeon.

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Though doctors at a local hospital managed to revive her initially, the girl died within 24 hours.

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