Chhota Rajan a spent force, but wait there is Plan B

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New Delhi, Nov 7: It has been a day since Chhota Rajan was deported from Indonesia to India. He is being questioned by officials of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

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While the questioning at the moment is extremely basic in nature, he has given out some information apart from throwing names which the investigators do not find one bit relevant.

Chhota Rajan: A spent force

He tells us that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan under the protection of the ISI. He then says that there are few in the Mumbai police who are hand in glove with Dawood Ibrahim. He also says that politicians have been helping the Dawood network.

How relevant is all this considering that everyone is aware of all this? An officer part of the investigation and also an intelligence bureau official says that this information does not help as it is not only known to us but also in public domain.

However this is an initial part of the probe and as the days pass we hope to extract some relevant information about the functioning of the underworld in India which we are sure he will be better informed about.

A spent force, but there is a plan B:

Chhota Rajan still has some men on the ground who can go around scouting information for him. Officials would try and use this to obtain some fresh information about the Dawood network. Although officials are not too optimistic, they say there is no harm in trying.

Rajan has been brought to India so that he can tried for his crimes, but if he can help gather more information, then he could be of some use.

Since 2012, he has been considered as spent force, but there are reasons for that. He was on the run most of the time as the D Gang was hunting for him. He was pre-occupied with saving his network and life.

However today he is safe and could help use some of his contacts on the ground to gather some vital information. This would be part of Plan B, the officer informed.

The officer however said that Rajan's word would not be taken blindly. He is not all that reliable today and would give out information just for the sake of staying relevant. All information provided by him would be checked more than twice before deciding on whether to operationalize the same or not, the officer also informed.

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