Chhattisgarh rally: Narendra Modi slams Congress

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Narendra Modi
Chhattisgarh, Nov 14: Narendra Modi's Marathon rally in Chhattisgarh begins at 12:15 pm in Bemetara, which began with an inaugural function and speeches by ministers.19:45 pm: "Bharat Mata ki Jai", Narendra Modi starts speech in Raipur. Raman Singh is a popular leader and my friend, says Modi.

20:34 pm: Narendra Modi concludes his speech.

19:45 pm: "Bharat Mata ki Jai", Narendra Modi starts speech in Raipur. Raman Singh is a popular leader and my friend, says Modi."Had also come during the 1st phase. I can sense which way the wind is blowing", Modi says.
"Seeing the people at the rallies, participation of women and youth...I can say that there is wave in Chhattisgarh, a wave of Dr Raman Singh."

"Votebank politics has ruined the nation. Political pundits link it with Muslims. But, I do not associate with any community", says Modi.
"Votebank politics has kept sections of society away from development. BJP seeks to end votebank politics".
"Overcoming all challenges, in every parameter Chhattisgarh has scaled new heights under Dr Raman Singh", Modi says.

MP was a BIMARU (full of diseases) state and Shivraj Singh Chouhan removed Madhya Pradesh from such categorization. BJP served where it got a chance.

"Dr Raman Singh faced lot more difficulties than we faced. Despite that, Chhattisgarh has achieved all this."Wherever there are BJP governments in the states, Centre creates hurdles and obstacles."

"After May-June 2014 Delhi will change. A government committed towards Chhattisgarh will be formed." "Congress changes Naam, Nishan, Naara but Niyat has not changed", Modi says.

"Earlier it was Indira Congress now it is Italy Congress. Their symbols have changed. Congress does not believe in any form of democracy."

"Rupee is crumbling against the Dollar. Rupee is in the ICU due to Congres", he says. "If we make promises to the people and do not fulfill them we would not be comfortable facing people". "Fulfill Gandhi ji's dream. Gandhi ji dreamt that the Congress be disbanded."
19.31 pm: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh addresses the crowd in state's capital Raipur and welcomes Narendra Modi along with other BJP leaders.

Raman Singh also asks people to welcome BJP candidates for 2nd phase of assembly elections in Chhattisgarh.

Singh hopes to make hattrick in assembly elections 2013. He also confidently says that on December 8, BJP will form government in four states- Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi.

He also takes on Congress-led UPA government by saying that their reverse counting has started. Singh also attacks UPA govt for rising prices and inflation.

"Narendra Modi will be the next PM of India and that will be decided on 8th December itself", Raman Singh says in Raipur.
Singh also talks about the development initiatives under the BJP government in the last decade. He says a "new history" will be created in Chhattisgarh.

"You are so worried about land of the poor being snatched why dont you say it in Gurgaon, Jaipur, Jodhpur." "Please make a speech in the presence of Mr. Khemka please. The people know everything."

"It is possible to end corruption but for that we need to free the nation from the Congress." " Wave may be very strong but leave no stone unturned for net practice at the poling booth. Reach out to every voter", Modi says.

17:44 pm: Modi concludes speech

17:41 pm: Development is the key to growth

Modi sets Gujarat's example and says even Chhattisgarh has a chance to develop. The state should identify the vote bank politics of the Congress, which has eaten the country away. On the contrary, Gujarat had gotten rid of this long back, which led to its immense development.

Urges people to vote for BJP on the 19th and help it win by a thumping majority.

17:32 pm: Unemployment increases

Referring to Congress's promise that it would provide employment to the people, Modi said that nothing has been done so far. The infrastructure situation is going down. There is no electricity, no roads etc. All they are worried about is their own power and filling their pockets, he says.

17:28 pm: The Lata Mangeshkar issue

Citing the example of Lata Mangeshkar, he said that Congress's pride will take it down as they cannot even respect a legendary singer.

17:23 pm: Kasab vs Indian soldiers

Compares the slain martyrs at the border versus the treatment that was given to Kasab in jail. Attacking the "chaiwala" remark of the Congress, he says that this shows the mentality of the party who discrimination between classes in a country that adopts democracy.

"I fed myself working hard, selling tea in train compartments; but I never stole or cheated on people," he said, hinting at the corruption in Congress party. He further claims that Congress has no right to laugh at poverty.

17:20 pm: CBI stakeholder in Congress's functioning

Criticizes the CBI for partaking in unnecessary actions as per the whims and woes of the congress. Hence, the unnecessary raids on opposition party. He further attacks Congress saying that BJP is not scared of facing the Congress as "he belongs to the land of Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi".

17:17 pm: Raman Singh vs Congress

Appreciates the work done by Dr Raman Singh, claiming that he has given an account of all his work; whereas, Congress party never accounted for any of its work because it did not have anything to share. It has not even answered the hundreds of questions that Indians have their in minds-about the terror attacks, corruption, price hike etc.

Claims that the Congress believes that the country is their private property.

17:07 pm: Modi roars, people listen

Modi addresses the people in their local language, drawing their accolades. Says that the journey of development in Durg has strong foundation in its people. Praises Raman Singh for his incessant hard work and service to the people of Chhattisgarh.

16:57 pm: Narendra Modi reaches the venue

Narendra Modi gets a thumping welcome with the crowd cheering with slogans: Desh ka neta kaisa ho, Modi ji jaisa ho, swagat hai bhai swagat hai, Narendra Modi Zindabad.

16:51 pm: Narendra Modi rally in Durg

Introductory speech begins

13:58 pm: Modi's second rally in Durg

According to the Narendra Modi's website, the second rally is likely to begin at approximately 4:15pm in Durg.

13.21 pm: Modi praises Raman Singh

Congress is doing back door deals with Maoists. Raman Singh is trying to stop them," Modi said. He then urged the people of Chhattisgarh to vote for development, lotus and Raman Singh. "Make BJP win with thumping majority," he said.

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13.17 pm:' Delhi not happy with Chhattisgarh'

Modi hit out at the Delhi government saying that it was never happy with Chhattisgarh's development. Chhattisgarh suffered because of Delhi. "In 2014, there will be NDA rule in Delhi," Modi said. Modi added saying that Congress was scared of defeat and hence it is against opinion polls.

13:06: Congress party a 'cheater'

Modi openly claims that the opposition is cheating the people of Chhattisgarh and has made the elections a sham. He directly says that Ajit Jogi is behind all corruption in the state and that Congress is hiding his name, fully aware that the party would lose the elections if his name cropped up.

He further added that the Congress party should come up openly with the name of their Chief Ministrial candidate and not hide it.

12:54 pm: Brings back old times

Narendra Modi relives his past visit to the state during the first phase of the elections and refers to the increasing Naxal activities in the state.

Condemning the landmine blasts, which claimed the lives of civilians, election officers, and security officials, he paid condolences to their families, calling them martyrs. He requested the Election Commission of India to launch a website, which should have the names of the slain officials.

He refers to the 'adivasis' as his brothers and appreciated for braving the Naxals during the polls and making the first phase successful.

In Durg

In Durg

Gujarat Chief Minister and Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting at Durg in Chattisgarh on Thursday.

In Durg

In Durg

Gujarat Chief Minister and Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting at Durg in Chattisgarh on Thursday.

In Durg

In Durg

Gujarat Chief Minister and Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting at Durg in Chattisgarh on Thursday.

In Durg

In Durg

Gujarat Chief Minister and Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting at Durg in Chattisgarh on Thursday.

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