Do you know why RTO asks to drive '8' before giving license? Here's why

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Chennai, Nov 21: Do you know why Regional Transport Officer (RTO) asks a motorist to drive forward on an '8' shaped track before giving a driving license to the person?

Many might think that this test for getting a driving license is a painful task. But the RTO's decision of asking every individual to go for the test is indeed a blessing in disguise. If we consider the current situation of roads in Chennai, then anyone can understand the reason and this picture is explaining it all.

Why RTO asks to drive '8' for license

Heavy rains recently lashed out at Tamil Nadu. Chennai had received heavy rainfall that created water logging. Schools, colleges were closed and day-to-day business suffered due to the heavy rainfall. Several roads across Chennai, which were already in bad shape, have worsened now. Stagnant water filled potholes.

Sheets of water on roads across the city made walking practically impossible for residents. Many stretches were completely waterlogged and motorists inched their way through.

Watch Video: RTO asks motorists to drive forward on a '8' shaped track:

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