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From Garden city to concrete jungle, Bengaluru has turned into an urban mess of unplanned development with concrete taking over the city's once green skyline. As if to give hope to the city that is rapidly losing its greenery, an NGO in Bengaluru is all set to give concrete a green touch. SayTrees has initiated the idea of vertical gardens. In a series of pictures and posts on their facebook page, the NGO speaks of vertical garden and their benefits.

Green on the wall

The NGO has come up with a vertical garden in one of the pillars of Hosur Road flyover in Bengaluru to make the city look beautiful and fight pollution at the same time. About 3,500 saplings of more than 10 species have been planted.

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Drip irrigation for vertical garden

The NGO has set up the vertical garden with an automated drip irrigation system that waters the saplings on a daily basis. One of the pillars that currently houses the vertical garden has different designs on all sides making it look like a piece of art.

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One pillar down, many to go

The NGO has currently covered one pillar of the flyover with the vertical garden and hopes to recreate the magic on all pillars that support that 9-kilometre long flyover. SayTrees also claims that regular maintenance of the saplings will be undertaken and is welcoming corporate partners who can fund more such pillars soon.

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Why vertical gardens?

The NGO claims there are many benefits of vertical gardens. they reduce urban heat island effect and smog, clean outside air of pollutants and dust and offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions. They also act as a sound proofing barrier, insulate and cool the building envelope, as well as protecting it from the elements.

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Green, clean and a lot to gain

Vertical gardens also create habitats for birds and beneficial insects, increasing biodiversity, increase real estate value and foot traffic in retail spaces. The NGO also believes that green walls mitigate air pollution levels by lowering extreme summer temperatures through photosynthesis, trapping particulate matter, and capturing gases. The ability of green walls to provide thermal insulation for buildings means less demand on power, and as a result, fewer polluting by-products are released into the air.

The NGO that rallies for the cause of trees also hopes to create a 200-acre forest in 2017. Happy International day of forests to you.

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