Cheap electricity: UP power engineers extend support to AAP

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Cheap electricity: UP power engineers extend support to AAP
Allahabad, Dec 25: The power engineers of Uttar Pradesh have offered the Aam Aadmi Party technical support to solve the 'power tariff crisis', said a Times of India report.

The engineers have forwarded a plan to AAP which would reduce power tariff in Delhi by half. Reducing power tariff is one of the major promises put forward by AAP.
Secretary general of the All India Engineer's Federation Shailendra Dubey is working as technical advisor to Kejriwal.

Reportedly, the team of engineers had been working tirelessly on the project for the last seven days.

"We have chalked out a methodology in collaboration with Arvind Kejriwal which would enable the AAP government to bring down power tariff in Delhi to Rs 4.65 paise per unit or Rs 3.95 paise per unit", Dubey said.

"Contrary to the claims that reduction in power tariff would drain the state exchequer, the state of Delhi would in fact earn additional revenue by selling surplus power to other states at higher rates. To understand the nitty-gritty of the formula, we need to draw a comparison between UP and Delhi. Incidentally, along with Dubey we too adopted the standard yardstick to help Kejriwal fulfill his poll promise." , Mohd Firoz, vice-president of state engineer's association.

Here are the statistics:

Uttar Pradesh, with a population of more than 20 crore, has an average demand of 13,000 MW per month. Delhi with a much lower population has a demand ranging between 5,500 MW and 6,000 MW per month.


In UP, per month the state purchases 13,000 MW from hydro power projects at the rate of 53 paise per unit and at the rate of Rs 2.35 per unit from thermal power projects. In addition, the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) purchases power from National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) at the rate of Rs 3.20 per unit. The shortfall of additional demand of 2,500 MW in UP is met by buying electricity from other sources at the rate of Rs 5.50 to Rs 6 per unit. Despite this the state gives electricity to consumers at the rate of Rs 3.95 paise per unit in the state."

In Delhi

To meet its demand of 5,500 to 6,000 MW per month, the Delhi government purchases electricity from Bhakhra hydro power project at the rate of 30 paise per unit and from thermal plants at Rs 2.19 paise per unit and lastly from NTPC at the rate of Rs 2.35 paise per unit. Also, Delhi receives additional quota of electricity from other states. Hence, there is enough power to meet the existing demand and the state can even sell some to other states at higher rates.

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