Chaos, anger, anxiety: What it is to wait outside the banks and ATMs today

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New Delhi, Nov 12: The government is anticipating trouble at banks and post offices and hence on Friday decided to issue an advisory to step up security. The abrupt manner in which the announcement to declare invalid the Rs 500 and 1,000 notes were made has taken many by surprise.

While it was a move to clean out black money and fake currency, the common man has been in queue outside banks, ATMs and post offices for the past three days. Many have come to banks and returned empty handed prompting them to ask the question why they are not getting their hard earned money.

What it is to wait outside the banks

Clearly the banks were struggling to cope up with the demand. Some ATMs are not even ready to dispense the new notes and they say this would take at least a couple days more. Most ATMs remained shut despite banks proudly proclaiming through mails and messages that their services would be open for extended hours.

Fearing hell out there:

The advisory issued by the ministry for home affairs is in anticipation of trouble. The government fears that violence could break out if people are made to wait too long and also return empty handed. All states have been told to step up security outside the banks and ATMs for the next couple of days to ensure that nothing untoward takes place.

Meanwhile the scenes at the banks are nothing short of hell. There is no clear communication on when the ATMs would open.

The security guard outside the bank gives everyone a time when the ATMs would open and when asked why they cannot put out a board, he has no response. It was clear that the banks were not sure of when they would get cash.

Some were visibly irritated to find the banks closed at 10 AM. The bank staff tell the people that it would take another hour to open. While offering no explaination why there is a delay, they tend to suggest indirectly that the cash has not reached them as yet.

What it is to wait outside the banks

There were a lot of nervous faces outside the banks. It is a weekend and the they are unable to decide on how to shop for grocery and other essentials in shops or from cart vendors which do not have card machines. Borrowing money is out of the option, because none seem to have it. The other point is none seem to have the money to lend.

There is chaos, anger and anxiety out on the streets for everyone to see. At times the situation is worrying and a police personnel that this correspondent spoke with says, " if people run out of patience, then it could get real bad. Let us hope that this is resolved soon.

We understand that it may take time till November 15. Let us wish that committeemen is honoured," he also says.

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