More trouble for Modi, now Chandrababu Naidu preaches for more children theory

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Hyderabad, Jan 19: After BJP MP and cadres, now leaders of NDA alliance are creating problem for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM has been facing criticism following the shocking statements of Sakshi Maharaj and West Bengal BJP leader Shyamal Goswami on giving birth to more children. Now, Chandrababu Naidu rubbed salt on the wounds.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu asked the married couples to have more children. Naidu's statement surfaced during a rally in West Godavari where he claimed that the state would soon have more aged people than youngsters like Japan.

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Speaking at the gathering, Naidu was quoted as saying, "Youngsters are not marrying early. Even if they do, they do not have children as they want to enjoy their earnings. I appeal to them to have one, two or more kids if possible."

Speaking about his previous statements on family planning, Naidu said, "Though I advocated family planning earlier and I myself limited my family to a son, I find that there is not much benefit due to it now. I see many aged people in our villages. I want our state to have more young people to develop it."

The chief minister also presented a statistics which shows about 9 lakh child births are taking place in Andhra Pradesh yearly while another 9 lakh persons are dying of various reasons.

The CM said, "...if the situation continues, the death rate would cross the child birth rate very soon and the state would be left with the old age people (above 65 years) just like in Japan."

"The revenue generation would become a hefty task in such a situation. And even if there is a revenue, there would be no generations left to enjoy the same, said Chief Minister," he added.

Despite Naidu's statistics and logic, his statement may not go well with Modi and his government. The central government faced tremendous criticism for Sakshi Maharaj and other BJP leaders.

Speaking at a religious rally, 58-year-old Sakshi Maharaj had said, A Hindu woman must have at least four children. Give one to the army, another to us religious leaders and teachers."

Following Sakshi Maharaj's statement, Bengal BJP leader Shyamal Goswami said, "I want to tell my Hindu mothers and sisters that if they don't have five children, there will be no balance in India in future."

"Don't misunderstand me. If my Hindu mothers and sisters don't have five children, hardly any Hindus will be left in India. To protect Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma it is necessary for all Hindus to give birth to 5 children," he added.

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