Chandigarh nightlife to witness reduced hemline; ban on short skirts

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Chandigarh, April 20: Killing the buzzing nightlife of Chandigarh, the city administration appears to have taken the onus of moral policing, ruling that scantily dressed women or any indecency would not be accepted.

'Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016' policy is what the bureaucrats cite for imposing the regulation on youngsters. A way to throttle the city's nightlife in the name of regulation, the bureaucrats believe that these bars and discotheques are the breeding grounds for anti-national elements.


The policy also curtails the bar timings by 2 hours from 2 am to 12 in the midnight. The policy also allows the nodal committee comprising the deputy commissioner as chairman and municipal corporation (MC) commissioner, Chandigarh police SSP, director, health services and excise and taxation commissioner, to cancel the renewal of business operations of the bars if the norms are not followed.

Ironically, the policy does not define "scantily dressed" or "reduced hemline" and has left it to public imagination. Lawyer Anupam Gupta,, who has gone through the draft of the policy said that the entire draft was faulty.

The policy also framed the following regulations:

1. To be indecent or of a scurrilous character
2.To contain offensive reference to personalities
3. To be seditious or likely to excite political discontent
4. To promote hostile feelings between different classes
5. To be calculated to cause a breach of peace

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