Challenges posed by terror greater after IT revolution: Prez

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Challenges increased after IT revolution
New Delhi, Dec 19: The challenges posed by terrorism have assumed much larger proportion than it was thought with advancement of science and a revolution in Information Technology, President Pranab Mukherjee said here today.

Delivering an extempore speech at the annual endowment lecture of Intelligence Bureau officials, he said India was the only country which was pointing out at another danger immediately after the post-cold war era in the form of international cross border terrorism.

"... from India, we were pointing out that another danger is looming large. It is in the form of international cross border terrorism which is going to be the single largest contributory factor to disturb the peace and tranquility in the world order," he said.

Mukherjee said the world did not heed and perhaps it was thought that it's a bilateral problem of India and its neighbours.

"But it's not. The short point which I am trying to drive at is that it's a serious challenge and in our case alone with the terrorism indulged by state or non-state actors, coming and originating from the geographical border beyond our control," he added.

The President also said that with the advancement of science and technology and specially a revolution which came in the Information Technology, "the challenges have assumed much larger proportion than it was thought of." Terming Naxal extremism as a "serious threat" to the country's peace and security, he called upon security forces to effectively counter this challenge.

In a veiled reference to Pakistan, he said challenges to the security can come from many sources. "We have to fight against terrorism that receives support from outside our country. Both state and non-state actors inimical to the nation are continuously engaged to destabilise India."

Commenting on the rapid change in technology, he said the misuse of the social media is now a weapon that terrorists across the world and anti-nationals are employing with greater sophistication.

"This also has to be combated adopting superior tactics and technology. As new challenges emerge, we would also need to upgrade our skills and technological capabilities," he said.


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