Centre ups ante against naxals

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New Delhi, Feb 10: With the problem of naxalites likely to get worse, the union government has decided that it would deploy more forces in the problem areas.

Currently there is a force of 1 lakh that has been deployed in the states affected by naxals and the government now plans on increasing the same.


Problem worsening:

The naxalites are able to strike at will and the intelligence reports that have emerged out of the various states suggests that the movement is once again gaining momentum.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who reviewed the situation in naxal affected states found that the border areas was causing a bulk of the problem.

In a meeting that was held with the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Telangana and Odisha, it was found that there was a lot of naxal movement that was taking place.

Further inputs suggesting the rise of the naxal menace in Kerala was also a subject matter of discussion. The agencies pointed out that the naxals find it easy to cross state borders and hence the vigil needs to be enhanced.

Strategy to beat the naxals:

While it is extremely difficult to get rid of the problem, the Union Government has proposed a strategy to tackle the problem. The first part would be to ensure that the naxals are unable to move between states.

The second part would be to focus heavily on naxal bases and hide outs. It is important to ensure that they are pulled out of their hide outs, the state intelligence agencies pointed out.

Development too:

In most cases it has been found that the naxals have been trying to stall development. They tend to target developmental works undertaken by the state or union governments.

The naxals feel that if there is development they tend to fall short on local support. The naxals have built a strong local network which tips them about the movement of forces.

The naxals continue to adopt the same strategy where they brainwash the people about the lack of development. The locals blindly follow them and end up giving them shelter and also logistic support.

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