CCTV footage: Trinamool partyman thrashes hotel manager over choice of room

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West Bengal
Kolkata, June 24: A video footage of a hotel shows that a man, allegedly a member of the ruling Trinamool party, thrashing another man, said to be the manager of a small hotel. The CCTV has taken Bengal by a new controversy. And it got magnified when the owner of the hotel died of a heart attack after receiving threatening calls from the attacker.

Sumit Naha was getting incessant calls from Dipak Sahu late at night, who threatened the former with dire consequences if he didn't withdraw the complaint that he had lodged against him. Sahu had gone to Naha's hotel, Bridge Lodge, and got into a fight with the hotel manager after being refused the room of his choice.

The CCTV camera caught Sahu beating the manager. Laced with the CCTV footage, the manager filed a complaint against him. Following this, threat calls to the owner followed which claimed his life.

Meanwhile, Trinamool party has denied any connection with the incident. A leader said,"These days anyone who is at fault is said to be from Trinamool... our party reputation is being maligned for no reason... If such a person named is present in the party, we will take action."
Now, Mr Naha's mother is likely to file a police complaint.

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