CBI shocker: Badaun girls committed suicide, not killed

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Badaun, Nov 27:In a shocking statement over the alleged rape and murder of the Badaun girls, CBI said that they had committed suicide and were neither killed, nor raped. After a five-month probe, the CBI said,"Yes, we have cracked the Badaun case. Our probe found that the two girls had committed suicide and weren't murdered. The local police had erroneously conducted their probe along the lines that the sisters were killed." They are likely to produce the findings by Friday.

The FIR lodged by the state police state that the 14 and 15 year old cousins went missing from their homes on May 27 at Katra village in Badaun. The CBI took over the case from the state police in June and found that neither of the two were either raped or killed. The CBI further claims that the girls plotted their own suicide as their families disapproved of their friendship with a villager who was also under scanner, but was later cleared of charges.

Badaun gangrape

The investigating agency, however, refused to thrown any light on the role of the families in abetting the suicide. The five men under arrest were also relieved off charges. The forensic report submitted to the CBI by the Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) says the two girls weren't "sexually assaulted or raped".

Media reports suggest that one of the girld called up a suspect 300 times since 2013. Depending on the polygraph test and the forensic reports, the CBI is said to have gathered that the main witness Nazru, a distant relative of the cousins, gave fake details to frame the key accused, Pappu Yadav and four others with him.

A CBI officer said,"Nazru as well as three relatives of the girls admitted during the polygraph tests that he has lied to the local police. Nazru has said he had seen Pappu along with three others drag away the two cousins. It was a lie." Re-constructing the events that day, the CBI said that Pappu met with the girls on May 27 at night, close to Nazru's place. "Nazru accosted them and a scuffle ensued with Pappu. After that, Pappu left and the two girls ran in the direction of the fields. Nazru went to the girls' home to complain."

Nazru's statement was used to arrest Pappu and his four accomplices. 

Meanwhile, BSP supremo Mayawati raised doubt on the CBI report saying that she disagreed with it and that the agency has filed a report in haste. 

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