Cauvery- Let us thrash it out, says Supreme Court

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Let us thrash it ou was an observation made by Justice U U of the Supreme Court who agreed to an urgent hearing on the Cauvery waters case. This remark by the judge was made when counsel for Tamil Nadu remarked what the urgency was and pointed that the matter was anyway listed for October 6.

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Justice Lalit said, " we want to advance hearing because we want to advance it. Let us thrash it around." There was considerable drama in the Supreme Court today when the centre filed an application stating that the constitution of the Cauvery Management Board was the job of the legislature. When the judges asked the Attorney General of India why he had agreed that the CMB would be constituted on the last date of hearing, he said, " it was a mistake."

Show some compliance:

When the AG called for an urgent hearing on October 4, Tamil Nadu's counsel Shekhar Naphade said that there was no hurry. It is anyway listed for October 6, so why advance it. They are anyway not complying with the order. They have not released a single drop of water. We have learnt to protect our interests and hence there is no sense of urgency, Naphade also said.

Justice Dipak Mishra then sought to know from Karnataka if the orders had been complied with. When he replied in the negative, Justice Mishra said that you come here and seek review of the order and you have not complied with our orders. Show some compliance.
When the court said that the matter would be heard at 2 PM tomorrow, Naphade once again remarked, " water is not coming, CMB is not happening, I wonder what the hurry it. To this Justice Lalit said, we are advancing it because we want to advance it. Let us thrash it around.

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