Cattle smuggling on Indo-Bangla border: BSF awaits projects to be implemented

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New Delhi, Oct 19: The problem of infiltration into India from Bangladesh has been a major issue. While the Border Security Force is often blamed for this problem, one also needs to look at the political apathy that has led to this situation.

Take for instance the Dhubri border in Assam. A proposal to install floodlights made in the year 2006 has still not seen the light of the day.


The Dhubri border has been a problematic one for several years now. Not only has it witnessed infiltrations galore, but is is one of the major points where cattle smuggling takes place.

The BSF has very often clashed with the cattle smugglers along this area and feel that there needs to be much more done in order to guard this border better.

The problem with lighting:

In the year 2006 a proposal was made to install floodlights at the border areas of Dhubri in Assam. It was sanctioned the very same year by the Home Ministry. While work began in the year 2008, the project was never completed.

The work today remains largely unfinished and the BSF officials have a torrid time guarding this border especially in the night.

The Dhubri border area has been extremely problematic. A chunk of the infiltrations take place from this area and we have seen in the past as well as the recent present this problem going from bad to worse.

The job of installing floodlights was the responsibility of the state government, but for some reason the solution has never been provided.

The BSF has now made another proposal to the Union Government to set up smart fences along the Indo-Bangladesh border.

They feel that these smart fences will help them guard the border better. It is too much for the number of BSF personnel to guard such a large border and hence technology must be adopted the BSF has said in the proposal.

The proposal is likely to get an immediate clearance from the central government.

The problem with cattle smuggling:

BSF personnel and cattle smugglers have very often clashed at Dhubri. There has been a major rise in the number of incidents involving cattle smuggling in this area.

The BSF has had to resort to firing in order to disperse the mob which comes to the rescue of the cattle smugglers.

The cattle is taken from Assam and smuggled into Bangladesh. BSF officials tell OneIndia that the battle with cattle smugglers has been an ongoing one.

Most of the time we try to stop them, the villagers come out in large numbers in order to support them. The official says that many times they get away in the night and this is why there is a need to install floodlights along this area so that it can be guarded better.

The other part of the problem is that there is a large stretch of around 40 kilometres which was not fenced for a long time.

Most of the cattle smugglers used to take that route and get away. This border is around 134 kilometres long and the BSF has very often faced the hostility of the villagers who frequently attack them.

The BSF has identified several outposts as sensitive in nature where cattle smuggling and other anti national activities are thriving. Moslabari, Mantrir Char, Bhogdohar, Mahamaya Char were the outposts that were identified by the BSF.

Over the years the cattle smugglers have become extremely violent. Before any activity, a large gathering appears on the Bangladesh side of the border and hurls abuses at the BSF.

This leads to clashes and in the confusion the cattle smugglers get away.

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