Canadian Woman sues Google for exposing her cleavage on Street View

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Google sued by Canadian woman.
New Delhi, Oct 31: It seems that now Google is in trouble again. A Canadian woman, Maria Pia Grillo, sued Google for exposing her cleavage on Street View.

As per reports, the picture of woman's cleavage was partially visible on Google's map service - Street View.

Grillo started legal action in 2011 and sought nearly $50,000 for emotional damage which included depression and bullying from her friends and colleagues.

An image was posted online after blurring her face but it did not blur her cleavage and moreover, she could be identified by her car's plate number.

As per an Indiatoday report, "Google Street Views pictured Grillo while leaning forward checking her phone at her hometown in Canada. The picture was posted online but her registration plate was left unblurred."

Grillo has so far won damages of about $2,500 plus interest and $175 in court costs. Google had agreed to blur out more of the vision but had denied to pay any compensation by saying that she was at a public place .

But as per the judge rejected Google defence and ordered the company to pay $2,250 plus interest together with court costs.

This is not the first time as in the past too Google's Street View has captured such awkward moments.

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