Can Siddaramaiah ban astrology shows on Kannada channels?

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Bengaluru, Dec 8: The decision to ban all astrology related shows being aired on Kannada news channels would be a tough one to implement for the government of the state.

However, going by what Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah had to say it appears that his government will take a step to ensure that no astrology related shows are aired on Kannada channels.


First and foremost it would be met with strong opposition from the channels and there are bound to be a spate of protests across the state questioning this decision as there are a considerable number of people who strongly believe in astrology.

Many say that this decision by the Chief Minister could also be a warning to those channels who are relying heavily on such shows to boost their Television Rating Points.

This is however not the first time that the government has taken such a decision. An year ago too a similar proposal was made but the same could not be implemented due to pressure from various quarters.

This time around however Siddaramaiah appeared serious when he said at a function that he would ban all astrology based shows being telecast on regional Kannada television channels. The CM said that such shows are propagating too much superstition and hence it needed to be banned.

Quoting the example of his own home he said that the scenario there is no different. Every TV channel wants to air astrology-based shows in Karnataka. In my home too, the scenario is no different, the CM said while adding that was time to ban such shows.

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