Can Sasikala avoid a split in the AIADMK?

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Chennai, Dec 8: Following its chief Jayalalithaa's death, keeping the AIADMK united would be one of the biggest challenges for the party workers and those in charge.

The immediate challenge for the party after Jayalalithaa passed away was to appoint a chief minister. While that process was smooth, the party cadres are now worried about the future of the party.

Can Sasikala avoid a split in the AIADMK

The Intelligence Bureau is keeping a close watch on the developments, and reports suggest that there is a lot of discontent brewing within the party ranks.

Several members have been complaining that Jayalalithaa's close aide Sasikala Natarajan had taken complete control when then former was in hospital.

The resentment expressed by the cadres was that Sasikala never allowed any of the party leaders to meet Jayalalithaa when she was in hospital.

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A rebellion was brewing within the party over this issue, but it was quelled as the leaders did not want any embarrassment when their leader was in the hospital, because many leaders and cadres felt that the party would get a bad name if there was a rebellion at such a difficult time.

The IB feels that the next couple of months would be very crucial for the AIADMK. Party workers would be watching Sasikala's actions closely. Many fear that she will try and get in more of her family members into the party. Any such action would lead to a major rebellion within the party and if that happens, there is a good chance of a split.

For Sasikala, the biggest challenge would be to keep the party united. There is no election round the corner and hence all the time would be spent on keeping the party affairs intact. She would have to ensure that her actions would not disturb the structure of the party.

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