Burdhwan: What role did Laden play in Mokimnagar madrasa

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Burdhwan, Feb 4: The Burdhwan blasts probe will now shift to the Mokimnagar madrasa, following an arrest of its owner who goes by the alias, Laden. His arrest is a key development as it would reveal further details of the operations of this madrasa which was undertaking activities similar to the one at Simulia in connection with the Budhwan probe.

The National Investigating Agency probing the case has made a series of arrests recently and the arrest of Laden would help spill the beans on a lot of details which include the grant of land to construct the madrasa and more importantly running it for alleged illegal activity without the West Bengal authorities not getting a whiff of it.

Burdhwan blast

The role of the Mokimnagar madarasa:

When the episode came to light, there was a lot of focus on a madrasa at Simulia and how it helped terrorists carry out a plot to overthrow the Awami League in Bangladesh. However similar activities had been found in the Mokimnagar Madrasa as well.

During the course of the investigation the NIA found that several cadres of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh had undergone training at the Mokimnagar Madrasa as well. The training camps were divided between the Mokimnagar and Simulia madrasas, NIA officials tell oneindia.

Women spill the beans:

Alima and Gulshana Biwi the two women who have been arrested in connection with the Burdhwan probe spelt out to the NIA the modus operandi of the madrasas, which have been termed illegal in nature. An illegal madrasa is one which runs without state aid and primarily is set up to undertake illegal activities.

During the probe, it was found that the two women too had been imparted training at these madrasas over the past three years. They were taught how to make bombs and also imparted training in shooting, as per their own confession to the NIA.

They also speak about this persons called Laden who was running the madrasa. The NIA says that it will find out what role exactly he had played and how far he had gone in facilitating the activities of the JMB.

56 training camps:

The role of these two madrasas was so crucial for the JMB that it helped them set up 56 training camps across West Bengal. Most of the operatives used these madrasas as covers apart from undergoing training, the NIA has also found.

During the operation a large amount of arms and ammunition was supplied by an operative called Kausar. He had played a key role in the supply of arms and it is said that he stocked a large part of it in these madrasas.

Some of the bombs that were supplied also landed up in Kirnahar in Birbhum, the NIA has also found. Further it was also found that the cadres who landed in West Bengal was first shifted to these madrasas and were told to stay there at least for three months until they were completely familiar with the plot.

After they had finished their training, they were asked to join their cadres in various places and over a period starting in the last half of 2010, they managed to set up 56 different modules in West Bengal, the NIA also points out.

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