Bride wants in-laws to plant 10,000 saplings as wedding gift

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Madhya Pradesh, April 26: Environment does not bother experts alone, but common man too is doing his bit to replenish the depleting environment. 22-year old Priyanka Bhadoriya from Madhya Pradesh had a unique demand for her in-laws.

When she could ask for expensive jewelry and comfort, Priyanka wanted her in-laws to plant 10,000 saplings in the villager. The demand was readily accepted and the coupld got married on Friday.

Madhya Pradesh

A resident of Kishipura village in Bhind district, Priyanka put her demand as a ritual where a bride is asked what she would want as gifts for her wedding. The urgency to build saplings rooted from her childhood experience when she saw her father struggling with drop and crop yield. Priyanka started planting trees since she was 10 and incidentally her marriage took place on the Earth Day.

Her husband was very supportive of her demand and was happy that Priyanka was thinking about the environment. Priyanka said that she wanted 5,000 saplings to be planted at her parents' place and 5,000 at her in-laws place. She also suggested that they distributed saplings to farmers and social workers. The couple planted three saplings in the Kishipura village, on their way to Jalaun, where Chauhan's family stays.

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