It happens only in India: When bride refused to marry 'drunk' groom, called off marriage

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Kanpur, April 30: India is incredible. While there were reports about honour killings, child marriages, murder of girl children, rapes, domestic violence and many more, the country witnessed another incident in which a young girl received full support from her family and the society when she called off her marriage during the wedding ceremony.

The incident took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The bride Neha was shocked and ashamed to find her groom Arvindin an inebriated state just ahead of the wedding ceremony.

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According to reports, Neha was ready for 'Jaimala', a ritual of Hindu marriage. But she found that Arvind, who was drunk at that moment, was busy in fighting with her siblings over DJ music.

It was reported that Arvind and his friends started creating ruckus when Neha's siblings stopped DJ music following the request of the priest who was disturbed by the loud music.

Without wasting any time, Neha took one of the most important and daring decisions of her life. She announced that she will not marry Arvind.

Neha's father, Shripat Ahirwar, was quoted as saying, "She refused to marry the man who was drunk. I did not force her to marry against her wishes."

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Meanwhile, another relative of the bride also said, "The marriage party was looking the party of drunken people."

"Neha could not tolerate that the boy who is going to be her better half should come in an inebriated state. She could not digest that after taking liquor the groom should utter abusive words to her relatives," said the relative.

The incident once again proved that girls in India are no longer scared of the society. Now, they enjoy the support of their family members and society and they can stand against any ill-treatment and can take bold decisions regarding their lives.

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