Breastfeeding against my religion says man from Kerala

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Kozhikode, Nov 4:  Citing religious reasons a man from Kerala prevented his wife from breastfeeding her new born baby.

It may sound hard to believe that this person from Kozhikode in Kerala defied pleas from doctors and said he had prevented his wife from breastfeeding their first born and nothing happened.

Kerala Man

Aboobacker argued with doctors at the hospital that a preacher had told him to give the child some honey and water from Mecca.

The hospital authorities pleaded, coaxed and even tried threatening him. But the man refused to budge. After a heated argument, he forcefully sought a discharge and left the hospital.

The man argued that a cord from the belly button of the child will provide the required nutrition.

The hospital authorities were however not impressed and after he left the hospital authorities at the EMS Cooperative Hospital at Kozhikode decided to file a police complaint.

The hospital authorities say that he denied a baby of its right. We repeatedly asked him to allow the baby to be breastfed, but he refused to budge.

We did everything possible to convince him, but he was adamant, a nurse from the hospital said. The father cited what his preacher had told him.

He was told by his preacher that the baby should not be breastfed until the completion of five prayers.

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