Bombs of Bengal: It is chaotic out there

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Kolkata, May 12: Early this morning there was an incident on a train in West Bengal and going by what the investigations have revealed so far, it is an indicator of how lawless the situation has become.

While several incidents of bomb blasts for all kinds of reasons have been reported this incident catches one's mind considering the ease with which several persons carried bombs on a train and were transporting them.

West Bengal

At 3.50 AM on Tuesday, an argument broke out between two groups on a local train near Kolkata and one of the parties hurled bombs at their rivals resulting in the injury of several persons.

The basic problem:

While there has been a lot reported about the manner in which bombs keep flying around in West Bengal as it has becomes the state's favourite weapon, one must also bear in mind the ease with which these bombs were loaded into the train.

Investigators say that these persons had chosen an early morning train taking into view that security would be lax.

There was hardly any security in the railway station at 3 AM and this helped these persons smuggle the bombs into compartment number 5 with such ease.

However the general rule mandates that security is not time bound and needs to be in place 24/7.

This is a pointer as to how bad the security was in the railway station and there was no check what so ever as a result of which the bombs were smuggled in with such ease.

Why does West Bengal need so many bombs:

Not a day passes without an incident of a bomb blast or attack being reported from West Bengal. The module at Burdwan was an eye opener and indicated how Bangladesh based terrorists had set up a cottage industry in West Bengal to prepare bombs.

Post Burdwan there have been several incidents reported in which bombs have been seized. In Birbhum a few months back 150 crude bombs had been seized.

Two days back two women were injured in a blast at Burdwan.

A week back a 12 persons including seven children died in a blast at an illegal firecracker unit also preparing crude bombs in West Midnapore.

The question is why does West Bengal make so many bombs? There is a high demand for bombs during the elections. There are illegal fire cracker units in West Bengal which prepare these crude bombs.

However, most of these bombs are meant to scare and not kill and is used during the elections.

For some strange reason, West Bengal's fights have been with bombs and not stones. This is not a recent phenomenon, but has always been the case, Intelligence Bureau officials say.

The cottage industries:

The investigations into the various cases have found that cottage industries have been set up to make bombs.

The Burdwan investigation showed that a full fledged module from Bangladesh was set up in West Bengal and in the cottage industries these bombs were being made.

Investigations have shown that bombs are being made in illegal cottage industries in West Bengal. There are several labour who have been roped in for the job.

These are not skilled labour, but unemployed youth have been hired to prepare the bombs. These industries also have a large number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Investigations show that the job of these persons is to prepare bombs and they are paid around Rs 70 per day.

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