Blow to secular politicians! Bihar Madrasa bans girls admission

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Bihar madrasa
Patna, Oct 13: It is being said that people of Bihar have this regressive and feudal mindset. And there are cases which supports this theory. Because of the reason, the State has not prospered over the years as it should be. All this will be proved once i will unveil the latest news.

Reports say that a Government affiliated Madrasa has banned girls admission, giving weird reason. Imagine the authorities are saying that co-education is against the Islamic tenets and moreover there is no separate sitting arrangement for them.

IANS report says that Madrasa Azizia in Bihar Sharief, district headquarters of Nalanda, about 100 km from Patna, has issued a diktat that girls will not be enrolled and those already enrolled will not be allowed into the premises.

Talking on the issue, S M Ashraf, secretary of Madrasa Azizia said, "A decision has been taken as co-education is against the religion. Boys and girls cannot study together and male teachers should not lecture the girl students in our Madrasa".

Putting up an olive branch, he further said , "We will appoint women teachers for girl students and make separate sitting arrangement for them. It would take a few months"

Madrasa Azizia is run by Soghra Wakf Estate Committee. It is one of the hundreds of madrasas affiliated by the state government and its students get free bicycles, uniforms, books and other schemes.

However, the committee president, who happens to be Nalanda District Magistrate B. Kartikya, said he had no information about the incident. "We will inquire into it," he said.

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