Black pepper climbs on rising demand, select copra declines

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Mumbai, Oct 18: Black pepper prices gained further at the spices market here today on rising retail demand.

Meanwhile, copra edible, copra Alapuzha and copra Kozhikode decline due to subdued off take from stockist and retailers amidst ample supplies. Black pepper moved-up by Rs 6/9 per kg to Rs 461/500 from Thursday's closing level of Rs 455/491.

However, Copra edible and copra office Alapuzha fell by Rs 100 per quintal each to Rs 8,000 and Rs 7,000 from Rs 8,100 and Rs 7,100, respectively. Copra office Kozhikode went down by Rs 50 per quintal to Rs 6,900 as against Rs 6,950 previously.

Following are today's closing rates in Rs with previous rates in brackets: Black pepper (per kg) 461/500 (455/491), ginger bleached (per kg) 175 (175), ginger unbleached (per kg) 185 (185), copra office Alapuzha (per quintal) 7,000 (7,100), copra office Kozhikode (per quintal) 6,900 (6,950), copra Rajapur Mumbai (per quintal) 8,500 (8,500) Copra edible Mumbai (per quintal) 8,000 (8,100).


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