Tell voters what we have achieved, says Amit Shah at National Executive Meet

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Bengaluru, April 3: The BJP has provided for a corruption free government in the past ten months, Amit Shah President of the party said at the National Executive Meet on Friday, April 3.

Delivering his address Shah said that the economy has boomed and is looking positive and this has been the government's biggest achievement so far.

Amit Shah

Shah also urged party workers to work hard and ensure that the party kept winning. He said that the party must focus on the forthcoming elections and ensure that it wins with a huge majority.

Need to push the land bill:

A major emphasis is being laid on pushing the land bill which has run into troubled waters thanks to the opposition.

Power point presentations will made and booklets on the benefits of the bill will be distributed at the meet.

The idea is to give the workers an idea of the Land Bill so that they could convey the message during their campaigns.

The BJP through its workers hopes to convince the remotest parts of India about the benefits of the land bill and also convey to the people that the opposition is trying to stall it by deceit and telling lies.

Expanding the voter base:

The party will also look to expand its voter base in the coming years.

There are challenges ahead for the party especially in Bihar and West Bengal which will face the elections.

The BJP plans to chalk out a road map for all its workers and leaders to ensure that the party does exceptionally well in these states.

All these campaigns will be backed by data spelling out the achievements of the party since it came to power.

Capitalise on the Modi governance is what Shah had to tell the conclave.

The party has delivered in the past ten months and the performance would only be enhanced in the months to come and each of the voters must know of this during the campaigns, Shah also told the leaders.

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