BJP has become the Samajwadi party's punching bag in UP

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Bengaluru, Oct 24: In the Samajwadi Party family feud, there are some who have pointed a finger at the BJP. Many have accused the BJP of engineering this feud. However, the BJP has brushed it off while terming the allegation as 'height of stupidity.'

"This is a feud between father and son (Mulayam and Akhilesh). For the sake of public consumption they cannot target each other and hence there is an attempt to blame the BJP for this internal fight," says GVL Narasimha Rao, the BJP's national spokesperson.

BJP has become the SP's punching bag

Rao tells OneIndia that the BJP is being used as a punching bag in this father-son spat.

Absurd, stupid and baseless allegations

Rao says that these allegations are not just absurd but stupid as well. "The SP is a party that has an absolute majority in UP. This is a party that supported the Congress at the centre for ten years. We have never had any truck with them. We gain nothing in being part of this feud," says Rao.

He also adds that an attempt is being made to show the BJP in poor light. "The BJP is the clear winner in UP. By making such false allegations, the SP is trying to get the anti-BJP vote. The BJP is the clear front-runner in this election. While the non BJP vote is fragmented, this is an attempt by the SP to show that they are the real alternative to the BJP and not the BSP," Rao further adds.

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"The people of UP are politically conscious and they will not fall for such gimmicks," the national spokesperson says.

"SP is worried of a repeat of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in the assembly. They know we have the momentum and with this ugly spectre of infighting people will gravitate towards the BJP. The BJP has a large Yadav vote bank which was traditionally with the SP. The people are today looking for a clear alternative," Rao says.

The Rita Bahuguna factor

"Congress as a party has become irrelevant. Rita Bahuguna was one of the very few people in the Congress who had a taint-free image. She was somebody who was trying to build the Congress for the past ten years. She had the visibility in UP that no other Congress leader has," says Rao.

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He further adds that she comes with a clean image and this would be an additional point for the BJP. "The BJP today is on a very strong wicket because of the PM and his governance. This will be the party's best selling point. This will be the key to the campaign in UP. We want UP to join the mainstream of development and not be left behind in a cesspool of caste and regional politics," Rao also says.

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