Bihar Min attacked, says mob would have roasted him alive

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Mob tries to burn Bihar Minister
Sasaram, Oct 1: Bihar's Art and Culture Minister Vinay Bihari fled for his life on Monday after an irate mob tried to burn him.

According to reports, Bihari was attending a cultural programe as part of Navratri celebrations, when the audience got angry with the sound and sitting arrangements made. Soon the mob started hurling chairs at the dias, when one chair hit SP Chandan Kumar Kushwaha.

Following this the police started caning the crowd, which infuriated it and they started pelting stones. Bihari and other officials then sensed that the situation may go out of hand hence they scurried for cover.

Bihari said that the attack was planned. Speaking to a daily he said that had he not hid under the dias, they would have roasted him alive. SP Kushwaha said the police have lodged an FIR against 500 unidentified people and arrested six accused. A bottle of petrol was also recovered from the possession of one of them.

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