Bihar 3rd phase polls: Richest candidate is worth Rs 928 crore, poorest 0

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New Delhi, Oct 20: The richest candidates contesting the third phase of the Bihar assembly elections 2015 is worth Rs 928 crore where as the poorest have declared zero assets. The declarations provided in the affidavits filed analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms shows a huge discrepancy between the richest and the poorest candidates.

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Ramesh Sharma an independent candidate is the richest with assets worth Rs 9,2853,54,696. Yugeshwar Manjhi and Kumar Rajiv have no assets. Their declarations show the income as zero. The average of assets per candidate contesting in the third phase of Bihar assembly elections is Rs 2.40 crores.

Bihar 3rd-phase poll: Richest Vs poorest

The richest:

Ramesh Sharma who is contesting from the Bikram constituency as an independent candidate has assets worth 9,2853,54,696. He has movable and immovable assets to the tune of Rs 23,93,54,696 and Rs 9,04,60,00,000 respectively.

Dr Kumar Indradev contesting as an independent from the Barh constituency has movable assets worth Rs 22,48,600 and immovable assets to the tune of Rs 1,1102,00,000. In total his assets are worth Rs 1,11,24,48,600.

Akilesh Kumar a BSP candidate contesting from the Bakhtiarpur constituency has movable assets worth Rs 7,56,92,310 and immovable assets of Rs 54,27,85,000. The total assets of Kumar are Rs 61,84,77,310.

Candidates with least income:

2 candidates out of all the 808 candidates, Yugeshwar Manjhi, an Independent candidate from Asthawan constituency and Kumar Rajiv, another Independent candidate from Fatwah constituency, have declared zero assets in their affidavits.

Manmohan Kumar contesting from the Nalanda constituency on a CPI(ML)(L) ticket has movable assets 2000 and no immovable assets. The total is Rs 2,000.

Umeshwar Mishra contesting from the Arrah assembly constituency on a Bharatiya Jagran Party ticket has no immovable assets. He has movable assets of Rs 2000.
Bir Kuar Singh an independent candidate contesting from the Amnour constituency is worth Rs 5,000. He has no immovable assets while his movable assets are valued at Rs 5,000.

Party wise crorepati candidates:
26 (76%) out of 34 fielded by BJP, 13 (28%) out of 47 candidates of BSP, 13 (72%) out of 18 candidates from JD(U), 5 (71%) out of 7 candidates from INC, 20 (80%) out of 25 candidates from RJD, 16 (52%) out of 31 candidates fielded by SP, 13 (54%) out of 24 candidates of JAP(L), 7 (70%) out of 10 candidates of LJP and 52 (19%) out of 276 Independent candidates have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore.

Party wise average assets:

Among major parties, the average assets per candidate for 34 BJP candidates is Rs 2.06 crores, 47 BSP candidates have average assets of Rs 2.21 crores, 18 JD(U) candidates have average assets worth of Rs 2.43 crores, 7 INC candidates have average assets worth Rs 5.88 crores, 25 RJD candidates have average assets worth of Rs 4.66 crores, average assets of 31 SP candidates are Rs 1.59 crores, 24 JAP(L) candidates have average assets of Rs 2.13 crores, average assets of 10 LJP candidates are Rs 2.62 crores and 276 Independent candidates have average assets of Rs. 4.59 crores.

A total of 276 (34%) candidates have not declared their PAN details. 458 (57%) out of 808 candidates have not declared income tax details.

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