Big worry for Rahul & Co: Why AAP could unleash more harm to Congress than BJP

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Aam Aadmi Party's spectacular victory in Delhi assembly election is indeed a great milestone in political history which will create tremors in nation's politics in coming days. Arvind Kejriwal led outfit was almost moved to oblivion after it's debacle in Lok Sabha poll but the way party rose from the ashes, was phenomenal.

Many parties have defeated Opposition in the past, but the way 'fledgling' AAP routed giant Modi-led BJP and pushed invincible BJP to its lowest tally (3), speaks volumes about its mettle on political pitch.

AAP is 'big threat' for Congress?

Talking about the Congress which was nowhere in the game right from the very start, but the way it was humiliated (got out on the duck) clearly states that party has lost its will to win elections. Proof of this bitter truth is that party has lost all the elections in recent months. The jinx of Congress' defeat which was started with Lok Sabha election is yet not over.

AAP potential threat for Congress?

It is being said that minnow AAP which proved in Delhi election that it has got mettle to challenge any established party, will pose huge risk to Congress in coming days. AAP will exacerbate Congress's cup of woes which is already in overflowing state. Though Modi-led BJP got defeated by AAP in Delhi election, but experts believe that it was just a 'one time magic' by AAP.

Saffron party lost due to its own mistakes i.e. parachuting Kiran Bedi at last moment, then differences cropped up in its Delhi unit and failed to read people's mind. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that AAP didn't win but BJP gave the rookie party chance to rout itself.

Expressing wariness that AAP will be troublesome in coming days, one of senior party leader was quoted by TOI as saying, "AAP's victory in Delhi is very bad for Congress. If AAP goes to other states that are bipolar, it can create problems for us".

Why Congress will face the heat in coming days?
If we dissect Delhi Assembly election result and analyse the data closely, we will see the reason why Congress needs to worry more. BJP almost received same vote per cent as it got in the previous state election in 2013. Though it is
a different matter that vote per cent couldn't help saffron party to increase its total tally in comparison to AAP.

BJP lost election, because people who were supposed to vote for Congress went with AAP which was riding on the magic of Arvind Kejriwal, who has a clean and honest image.

Ditching Congress, its loyal voters Muslims, lower middle class and backward class all voted for AAP as they found Kejriwal's party closer to their heart. If votes would have divided between grand old party and AAP, BJP could have attained the driver's seat in the Capital .

Experts believe that AAP is somewhere like Congress part 2 as it has same vote banks as Congress had in the past. BJP's voters include
upper midle class and obsessed right ideologists . Recent trends show that these voters are still loyal to saffron party, though their confidence have shaken to some extent.

AAP may replace congress where fight is bipolar

Reportedly, AAP is planning to replace Congress where the latter is in direct fight with the BJP. The states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Punjab where fight is bipolar, AAP will give Congress run for the money.

Congress is worried that fledgling party may hijack grand old party's 'pro-people image' which helped party win many elections in
the past. Reportedly, Congress which is in awe of AAP is planning to limit rookie party to national capital only. Rahul Gandhi led party is wary  that if given chance AAP will replicate the Delhi magic nationally.

Top Congressmen are making strategy about how wing of the AAP could be chopped right in the initial stage. Otherwise a day is not very far when AAP will replace party and Gandhi Nehru party will be moved into oblivion.

Rahul Gandhi has taken sabbatical
It is ironical that captain of the ship which is nearly at sinking stage wants to take leave from party's responsibilities. Apparently, Congress scion Rahul
Gandhi has exhausted himself after "massive" campaigns in recent days, though it is different matter that party could not win any of the recent election under his leadership. But then this is expected from congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi who is known for unleashing more harm than benefits to party through his actions.

At a time when the Opposition is trying hard to push NDA government to the wall in the Budget Session of the Parliament, party's 'yuvraj' is seeking leave. The Amethi MP, who's poor attendance in the House has been making headlines, didn't even bother to attend the opening day of Budget Session in the August House where he could have raise people's voice.

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