Beware law breakers! Kejriwal-led Delhi govt to launch anti-corruption helpline on April 5

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New Delhi, Mar 30: The Delhi government will be launching the anti-corruption helpline on April 5. The Kejriwal-led AAP government will launch this helpline for all those who are troubled by officials to give bribe. People will be able to lodge complaints if they are harassed for bribes.

The Delhi government has announced that '1031' number will be operational from Sunday onwards, said an ANI report.

Beware law breakers! Kejriwal-led Delhi govt to launch anti-corruption helpline on April 5.
Arvind Kejriwal after swearing -in as Chief Minister of Delhi had said that his government will "restart the anti-corruption phone line" to help the common man combat corruption in the capital.

During his 49-day tenure as chief minister, Kejriwal had launched a number - (011) 27357169 - saying anyone who is asked to pay bribe by any official in the capital can seek help on that phone number. This became an instant hit soon after its launch as people started calling on the helpline number.

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The 46-year-old Kejriwal had pledged to make Delhi the country's first corruption-free state.

Kejriwal had claimed that people can call at the helpline number for filing complaint against those who harass them for bribe. Aiming to bring revolution in Delhi, Kejriwal claimed, "Every citizen will be anti-corruption inspector. We will ask people to record anyone who asks for a bribe.

Maintaining its plank against anti-corruption, the main purpose of the party is to create fear in the minds of corrupt government officials and leaders.

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Kejriwal also said that the cases raised by the Anti-corruption Department or the State Vigilance Commission were never taken up and brushed under the carpet.

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