Bengaluru: Why BPO employee was gangraped in moving bus, 2 accused reveal

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Bengaluru, Oct 8: Days after their arrest, Yogesh and Sunil, the two accused in infamous BPO employee gangrape case in Bengaluru, revealed why  they raped the woman in a moving bus.

They claimed that they did not intend to rape the girl initially. They thought they would rob the girl but later they changed their minds and committed heinous crime thinking the woman would not approach police in order to save her "dignity".

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The girl indeed was reluctant to file any police complaint against the two accused. However, she was forced to file complaint when she was taken to hospital for treatment.

Speaking about the interrogation and investigation, police officer was quoted as saying, The accused Yogesh and Sunil explained that when one of them was sexually assaulting the girl, the other stood guard."

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"Though she shouted and pleaded, she was threatened with metal tools and other articles in the vehicle to remain silent. As she feared for her life, she did not oppose their act."

The official also added, "The duo said that initially, they intended to rob the girl of her belongings. But they later decided to rape her thinking that she would not reveal it to anyone to protect her dignity."

Continuing his statement, the official said, "The victim too did not want to file a complaint. But since it was a medico-legal case, the hospital authorities informed us when she was brought there for treatment."

The 22-year-old victim, an employee of a call centre, was given lift by the duo when she was waiting for bus. She was taken to a deserted place and was gangraped on Oct 3.

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