Bengaluru: How an Ola Auto driver became a Hero

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Bengaluru, July 7: Rape, Murder, Sexual Harassment are some of the most common incidents which make headlines everyday in the country. Women are not safe, not even at their houses.

In this circumstances, nothing is more dangerous than travelling alone at night. Now, it's very difficult to trust an unknown auto driver. But a young girl, Ranjani Shanker, has experienced a completely different situation.

Ghasamfar Ali K, the Ola Auto Driver

Ranjani, who was all alone, was scared as she needed to travel 38 km from Bengaluru City to Kanakpura Road at night. She had waited for nearly an hour before she managed to get one Ola auto.

Ghasamfar Ali K, the Ola auto driver, finally took Ranjani to Kanakpura Road.  She was forced to depend on the driver as she was left with no other option. However, the young lady was impressed with the driver.

In her Facebook post, Shanker wrote, "The next 30 mins was an auto ride in complete darkness with a stranger in a city that's not my home, with only my phone to keep me connected and provide me light."

But the 30 minute ride changed her perception about a stranger, an auto driver. In her post, Shanker praised Ghasamfar and wrote, "What overwhelmed me was not how well he did his job, but that he was a decent human being who knew that safety is a single woman traveller's biggest concern. Thank you GhasamfarAli. Ola, you should be proud to have him drive for you."

The Ola Auto driver has become a Hero overnight as Shanker Facebook has become viral. The post has got 11,860 Likes and has been shared more than 1,650 times till Tuesday, July 7.

Read Shanker's post on Facebook:

The world needs more men like GhasamfarAli.K, a true gentleman who knows how to make a woman feel safe when the...

Posted by Ranjani Shanker onSunday, 28 June 2015

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