“You are a North Indian, no police authority will help you in South India”, harassed girl told

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Bengaluru, Aug 19: Bengaluru is considered as a safer city for women as compared to Delhi and other cities. But incidents of crime against women are common in the IT city too.

On Wednesday, Aug 12, Prerna Sharma became a victim of road accident, public assault, attempt to molestation and attempt to murder, outside her college campus.


Prerna hails from Ranchi, Jharkhand and is pursuing engineering from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumaraswamy Layout.

On Saturday, Aug 15, Prerna posted a status on her Facebook page, describing her ordeal to the PMO.

She revealed that 25 to 30 men surrounded her and snatched away her scooty keys and started touching her with wrong intentions.

She was told that since she is a north Indian, she cannot do anything, as no police authority is going to help her here in South India!

Her friend was also brutally beaten up, she has written. She further wrote, "they punched on my nose and kicked my back".

"Police were making fun of me just because I don't understand their local language", she alleged.

"I want to know who is going to get me justice? I look up to you and I don't want to be a victim but a Fighter. Help me like a father, treat me like your daughter! Somebody help me on how do I reach this letter to the President", she concluded.

Here is the full text of her post, that has gone viral on social media:

"Dear ‪#‎PMOindia‬,

INDEPENDENCE day is here and I am feeling as if I cant get outside on road freely and without any fear! Sir, I am a Student from one of the reputed engineering college of Bangalore ‪#‎DSI‬ ‪#‎dayanandasagarcollegeofengineering‬.

On 12 august 2015, I became a victim of ROAD ACCIDENT, PUBLIC ASSAULT, ATTEMPT TO MOLEST & ATTEMPT TO MURDER that too outside my own college campus where i have been for 4 long years.

The story is too long and brutal but I know you will take your valuable time to read it as i have faith on the Prime Minister of India whose motto is 'BETI BACHAO,BETI PARHAO' !

A 45 yrs to 50 yrs aged man was about to hit my vehicle with his two wheeler

" KA03TL203 " when i moved to the left and avoided the accident & lost balance and felt down. I got up and sat on my vehicle and this man started abusing me and when i tried to drive away he pulled my scooty from behind but somehow i escaped his catch.

Later, he shouted in Kannada to a tall fat and muscled man to stop me & this tall man pushed headlights of my vehicle which made me fall again and my specs, watch & helmet were thrown away and again i got injured.

I again got up but before i could realize anything the man who was abusing me before came and banged my head with a helmet.

Then came the Public , Auto drivers, Shopkeepers and surrounded me and each of them blaming me for what i still don't know.

I got away and started walking towards the man's vehicle and noted down his vehicle number. When i got back to my scooty 25 to 30 men again surrounded me and snatched my scooty keys LOCKED it and started touching me with wrong intentions.

The way in which the people were supporting the scooty person makes it clear that they all have planned it well and belonged to a common group of criminals. I told them to return it so that i can go home they made fun of me.

Then i asked them to atleast give my wallet which was locked in my scooty but they dint. Now they told me that you are a NORTH INDIAN & you cant do anything because no police authority is going to help you here in South India!

They told me 'let me see how you escape from here' ! i knew two three words in Kannada and i started shouting these words and pushed one of them to make way and ran out of their.

NOBODY helped me out, they all supported a man hitting abusing assaulting a GIRL that too PUBLICLY !

All were having fun watching what was happening. I asked people around to give me their phone to make a call to police but nobody wanted to get involved. I walked a little further and requested a Mehendi wala who agreed to make a call on my friends number who stayed nearby.

When my friend came and just for asking the key back they all hit him Brutally, banged his head to a tree and punched his eyes face ears and stomach.

I saw nobody came to help and he was half dead getting beaten by these criminals. I moved into the crowd and held his hand to get him out, they punched on my nose and kicked my back.

I started shouting that 'come we are going to police, we are getting out of here' and somehow got out and sat in an auto and left for police station.

After reaching there the police didn't come with us to the Scene for another 1 hour and made us wait asking the same incident again and again.

We were not provided Casualty MEDICAL service for three hours until we screamed and warned the police.

We have also caught an auto driver who has beaten us and the police says he has been sent to Central jail. And despite of providing the police with the vehicle number of the man they are saying that it is not a correct number.

Me and My friend would have lost our lives. I am not safe which means no other girl is.

I used to wonder how crime takes place and today i know this well.

Police were making fun of me just because i don't understand their local language.

I want to know who is going to get me JUSTICE? I look up to you and i don't want to be a victim but a Fighter. HELP me LIKE a FATHER, TREAT me LIKE your DAUGHTER !

Somebody help me on how do i reach this letter to the President !"

Dear #PMOindia, INDEPENDENCE day is here and I am feeling as if I cant get outside on road freely and without any...

Posted by Prerna Sharma onFriday, August 14, 2015

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