Bengaluru Church Street blast: 2 crore mobile calls scanned and not 1 single lead

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Bengaluru, Dec 26: It is almost an year since a blast took place at Church Street in Bengaluru which claimed the life of an innocent mother. On Dec 28, 2014, at around 8.33 pm, a bomb went off at Church Street which claimed one life.

The incident gathered nation wide attention for a lot of reasons which included the venue being such a high profile and crowded one.

Church Street blast

The police officials from Bengaluru went into overdrive mode while investigating the case. However with no leads coming by, the case was handed over to the National Investigating Agency which till date is clueless about who carried out this attack and why.

Investigations going nowhere:

There is not one single lead in this case. It is quite shocking that the examination of nearly 3,000 hours of CCTV footage and analysis of 2 crore call details have led to nothing.

Prior to the NIA taking over the case the Bengaluru police had formed 25 teams which went to various states in hunt for leads. All the teams returned empty handed.

The case of the NIA is no different. The NIA which has investigated several cases feels that it could be some youth from the SIMI behind this blast. However that is theory again and the NIA had even questioned two accused in the Patna blasts, but that gave them nothing.

We see that there are similarities in the attacks at Patna and Bengaluru, but that is theory the NIA officials say.

The case is today about ifs and buts. While a lot was spoken about the SIMI link to the case in the past, there is nothing concrete to link the outfit to the case.

Moreover, the Bengaluru police even carried out some arrests from Bhatkal suspected to be behind this attack. The NIA on examining this angle has found that there is nothing to link the youth from Bhatkal to the Church Street blast.

The NIA says that they would need sometime before they can crack this case. It has been found that the bomb was assembled a few metres away from blast site. It was assembled somewhere near Church Street, the NIA officials say.

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