Bengal student death; Family demands CBI interference

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Bengal student: Family demands CBI probe
Kolkata, July 7: A young life has been cut short and his only fault was he raised his voice against the increasing gambling and liquor dens in his village.

His body was found in pieces on the railway track close to his home, some 30 kilometers from Kolkata.

His family now demands a CBI probe, despite the local TMC leader Jyotipriya Mallik stubbing it saying,"Is the CBI so trivial? Can we have a CBI probe if a dog bites a buffalo?"

A local criminal has been arrested, but the main accused and the kingpin of the liqor den-Shyamal Karmakar- is still missing.

Sourav's brother Sandip said,"I saw a few people dragging my brother away. They were Shyamal and 3-4 other people, there was Anup. We searched for him everywhere, along with the police, but could not find him. In the morning someone asked us to go to the railway tracks, we found my brother's body there."

Amid blame game amongst political parties, the villagers blocked the train tracks where Sourav was found. The police was later forced to use batons to disperse the crowds. The BJP called a 12-hour shutdown to protest the killing.

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