Bellandur lake froth: Prakash Javdekar gives hope to residents

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Bengaluru, Jan 1: Pollution in lakes a subject that is often discussed in the Garden City of Bengaluru. The Bellandur lake is an example of what mindless urbanisation can do. Anyone who passed by the lake is bound to mistake it for snow while in reality it is froth thanks to pollution.

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In this context there have been various debates and discussions and not to mention the assurances of the Karnataka state government. It would be interesting to see if the Union Government will implement a report by a group of researchers from the Indian Institute of Sciences.

 Bellandur froth: Minister gives hope

The report states that there needs to be a restriction on detergents as it is a main cause for the froth at the Bellandur lake. The Union Minister for Environment, Prakash Javdekar who was in the city was given the report and he said that after studying it he would consider imposing restrictions on detergents.

The phosphate problem:
It has been said that phosphates which is a component is detergents is a cause for the froth at the Bellandur lake. There is an estimated 500 million litres of sewage that flows into the Bellandur and Varthur lakes and with this comes the detergent.

The problem is that phosphates remain in the water and it does not disintegrate and this leads to the frothing.

Javdekar was told that if the Bellandur lake problem is to be solved then the phosphates flow must reduce at least by 65 to 70 per cent. He was also told that in countries which have taken strong steps on the curb of phosphates, the waterbodies have remained clean.

The minister said that he was serious about the problem and would take it up with the departments concerned. I do not see why we should not have restrictions on phosphates if it will help keep water bodies clean.

He said that he is coming back to Bengaluru in the month of February. During that visit I will conduct a review of the waterbodies in the city. He said that extensive urbanisation had taken its toll on the lakes in the city. While many have been polluted there are other waterbodies which have entirely disappeared he informed. I will review the waterbodies in February and ensure that the problem is solved, he said.

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