Beef Ban: IB warns of attacks on govt officials, cops after Yavatmal incident

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New Delhi, Oct 26: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has warned that incidents such as the one at Yavatmal in Maharashtra could be repeated in other parts of the country.

The IB has advised all states which are sensitive in nature to step up security and check if a radicalization process is on to instigate youths to attack government officers and police personnel.

Beef Ban

The alert comes in the wake of a youth in Yavatmal stabbing a police constable. The Maharashtra ATS, which is probing the case, had found that the stabbing was to avenge the beef ban in Maharashtra.

Before the stabbing the constable, the youth Mallik told the cop, "your government bans beef, now take this."

The IB has warned that groups such as the SIMI may look to make the beef ban issue a propaganda tool and will try and target government officials or police personnel.

Security has been ordered to be stepped up in sensitive states in the wake of this incident at Yavatmal, the IB has also stated.

The probe into the Yavatmal incident:

The Maharashtra ATS, which is probing the case in which a constable was stabbed at Yavatmal, said that there was a radicalization process prior to this incident.

It was clear that the youth was radicalized by one Maulana who had told him with the beef ban in the state of Maharashtra, the Muslims were under threat and hence there needs to be action.

The ATS also said that the youth who stabbed the constable had shouted, "your government bans beef, you take this now."

While this may be a one off incident, the police are taking nothing to chance.

An ATS official said that currently they have been limiting themselves to this case alone, but during the course of the probe, they will look if there are full fledged modules which are instigating such incidents.

Lone wolf or organized crime:

The ATS had found that the youth, who had stabbed the constable, was part of a group called the Electronic Warfare Technology Group, which is considered to be an extension of the Students Islamic Movement of India.

However, the investigations show that the youth involved in this incident acted as a lone wolf. He did not have any direct orders from the top rung leaders of the SIMI.

It appeared that one Maulana had instigated him to undertake this incident. The ATS says that this looks like a one off incident.

However, we will probe further and find out if there is any group which is trying to instigate the youth to ensure that such incidents turn into chain reactions.

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