Bastar: World's longest festival an example of great planning

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Bastar, Oct 7: It might be a remote village, but Bastar boasts of the world's longest festival that has silent forces working behind it. A festival for tribals of different areas, the festival could be set an example of corporate efficiency and time management.

The 600-year old Bastar Dashahra festival that began last week would continue for 75 days and all the tribes would work together for the rituals everyday, that too without even the organizers informing anyone of them about anything.

While one tribe has taken the responsibility of building the chariots for the fair, there are others responsible for pounding wood or decorating the deity. And all of this goes without any written or documented word. Each tribe metes out with its responsibilities on time, taking note of the start date and the end date and passes accordingly.

"For generations, our families have been tasked with construction of two chariots, the main attraction of the festival, without being informed. We accomplish our task on time", Dalpat, in-charge of construction of the chariots, said.

The chariots add splendour to the festival, drawing thousands from across the world. Two chariots are taken on procession-the main one for the presiding deity of the Bastar royal family-Maa Danteswari and the other one is for the other deities. The chariots are built of sal logs that are cut and designed with the help of a few crude tools.

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