Narendra Modi thanks Obama for being a part of 'Mann ki Baat'

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New Delhi, Jan 26: US President Barack Obama arrived at the Palam Airport here on Sunday, Jan 25 morning. On Monday, Jan 26, he attended the Republic Day celebrations as the chief guest along with First Lady Michelle Obama. The US president and PM Modi later met business leaders from both India and USA.

On the last day of his trip, Obama addressed 2000 people at Siri Fort and will have a radio chat with PM Narendra Modi.

Here is what happened on his final day of the three-day visit to India:

Obama in India: Day 3 updates

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News in Pics: US President Barack Obama visits India

8.32 pm: "I thank President Obama for giving his time for this," said Narendra Modi. "We want an e-book to be made which features all that Barack and I have talked about today. Please share your thoughts with #YesWeCan, the best 100 ideas will be shared in the e-book," Modi added.

8.26 pm: Responding to a question as to how does Obama bring a smile on his face after a bad day at work, Obama said: "Only problems that come to my desk is what no one can solve, so there are days when it is tough. But almost everyday I meet somebody who say I made a difference in their life. If you focus on getting things done, then the satisfaction you get is unmatched." 

8.23 pm: Responding to a question as to which US political figure inspires Modi, he said: "I have been inspired by Benjamin Franklin; everyone should read about him. He was a great political leader, thinker.

8.20 pm: Responding to a question, Modi said: " I never imagined I will lead the nation and be where I am today. But one must dream and aspire for more." Meanwhile, Obama said that India and US have open societies and have complete faith and confidence in their citizens. "Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all around development of youth which is actually strength of a nation," he added.

8.14 pm: Speaking about the health sector Obama said: "India has a lot to teach many other countries who may not be advancing as rapidly on public health sector. India has a potential in health sector. We are seeing a world-wide epidemic of obesity, in many cases starting at a very young age."

8.10 pm: "We welcome President Obama's daughters to India, we would love to have them here. The way Obama takes pride in his daughters is in itself an inspiration" Modi said.

8.08 pm: It is wonderful to be able to speak to you directly, says Barack Obama. "We are two great democracies, two innovative economies, two diverse societies dedicated to empowering individuals. We want to be partners on clean energy, reduce poverty," says Barack Obama.

8.05 pm: 'Namaste' thank you PM Modi for your kind words, I'm honored to be the1st US Prez to join you on R-Day: US Prez Barack Obama on Mann ki Baat.

8.02 pm: In their joint radio address, Modi said: "I was looking for the meaning of 'Barack'. In Swahili language, Barack means one who is blessed. I request Barack to address the nation."

8.00 pm: PM Narendra Modi, US President Barack Obama address the nation through 'Mann ki Baat'

7.54 pm: Narendra Modi and Barack Obama will address the nation through radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat.'

2.08 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanks Obama and tweets:

2.01 pm: US President Barack Obama thanks PM Narendra Modi for a memorable visit.

2.00 pm:

1.50 pm: US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama conclude their three-day visit, depart from India.

1.22 pm:  PM Narendra Modi to see off US President Obama at Palam Airport

1.05 pm: Boxer Mary Kom thanks US President Barack Obama for mentioning her name during his speech.

11.52 am:

11.32 am: "One thing common between Indians and Americans is that they are the most hard working people," Obama said. Obama said that he want more American students coming to India than Indian students coming to America.

11.26 am: Barack Obama said: "Every person has the right to practice their religion how they choose. Free of persecution. No society is immune by the darkest impulses of man. More often, religion has been used to tap into it."

"India will succeed so long as it is not splintered on religious lines," Obama said.

11.20 am: "A nations progress is based on how they treat their women. Nations are more successful when the women are successful," said Obama.

11.16 am: Barack Obama proposes a reformed Security Council with India as a permanent member. " A world without nuclear weapons, that should be the goal for us. It's your generation and children that will be affected. I'll be gone by the time global warming hits us," he said.

11.13 am:

11.10 am: Barack Obama quotes a line from DDLJ, says "Bade bade deshon mei.. You know what I mean."

11.07 am: Addressing the gathering Obama said: "You are collaborating even more now -- on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp. We are one of the few nations who've been to both Moon and Mars."

"India and US are not just natural partners but I believe America can be India's best partner. We want to be partner as you help improve the health of people from backwaters of Kerala to banks of Ganga. We want to invest more. You have built the largest middle class," he said.

11.03 am: Barack Obama begins his speech with Namaste

11.00 am: US President Barack Obama arrives at Siri Fort auditorium

10.58 am:

10.54 am: Kailash Satyarthi arrives at Siri Fort auditorium.

10.35 am:

9.30 am: PM Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama's joint radio address 'Mann Ki Baat' to be aired at 8pm today

9.17 am: Massive security deployment at Siri Fort Auditorium where President Obama is slated to address 'Town Hall' at 10:30am.

9.00 am: President Obama to speak on "India and America: The Future We Can Build Together" at Siri Fort Auditorium today

(Day 3 updates of Barack Obama visit)

End of updating for day 2.


7.42 pm: Standing ovation for both Modi and Obama at the Business Summit.

7.40 pm:
US machinery will help India improve its infrastructure: Obama

7.37 pm:
The growth of India and US must be inclusive and sustained: Obama

7.35 pm:
Growth cannot just be measured by GDP, it has to make people's life better, said Obama.

7.33 pm: The trade between India and US is increasing: Obama at Business Summit.

7.31 pm: India and US are truly global partners, said Obama at Business Summit.

7.30 pm: After PM Modi's speech, US President speaks. "I won't ride a motorcycle after seeing the acrobatics today," he said.

7.03 pm: Union Commerce and Industries Minister Nirmala Sitharaman speaks at Business Summit.

7.02 pm:
PM Modi also emphasises on coordination between the Centre and the states of the Indian federalism.

7.01 pm: I want to focus on skill, scale and speed, says PM Modi, who cracked the "Hotel, Motel and Patel" joke while stressing tourism.

7.00 pm:
In agriculture, my focus is per drop, more crop, says PM Modi while addressing CEO meet.

6.54 pm:  Indo-US bilateral investment treaty will serve both national well: Obama

6.53 pm:
PM Modi stresses 'Make In India' at CEO meet.

6.15 pm:
India-US Business Summit to follow CEO meet.

6.05 pm: President Obama, PM Modi and other leaders at the India-US CEO Forum at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi.


6.03 pm:
President Obama expressed happiness Adamya_Chetana mid-day meal programme for 2 lakh kids of Annapoorna & was enthusiastic about Bengaluru, tweets Union minister Ananthkumar.

5.57 pm:
PM Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley arrives at CEO meet. President Obama to address meet shortly.

5.44 pm:
Indian and American business leaders arrive at India-US CEO Forum.

4.25 pm: President Obama greets dignitaries at Rashtrapati Bhavan.


4.15 pm: President Obama and the First Lady arrive at the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the 'At Home' occasion, PM Modi also present. President Pranab Mukherjee arrives.

4.05 pm: US President Obama meets Congress delegation.

3.00 pm: US President Barack Obama to meet Congress President  Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at ITC Maurya.

2.50 pm: Obama and Modi will be meeting CEOs today. Among business leaders in Delhi with Obama, CEOs of Honeywell, Disney, MasterCard, PepsiCo, Marriott Intl, SunEdison, Westinghouse, Vermeer will be seen.

1.55 pm: American journalists miffed with Indian security as the latter confiscated their ball point pens.

12.54 pm: Barack Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet CEOs later in the day.

11.47 am: Motorcycle stunts performed by BSF

11.40 pm: A Swachh Bharat-themed dance being performed by students as part of Republic Day parade

11.22 am: Make In India tableaux at Rajpath

11.09 am:

11.00 am:  16 states tableaux begins starting with Karnataka

10.55 am:

10.40 am:

10.30 am: 

10.28 am: The contingent of all-women officers led by Captain Divya, first woman cadet to be awarded Sword of Honour.

10.20 am:

10.14 am:

10.09 am: Naik Neeraj Kumar Singh's wife receives the Ashok Chakra

10.07 am: Major Mukund Varadharajan's wife Indu Rebecca Varghese receives the Ashok Chakra awarded posthumously to her husband

10.05 am: The Indian tri-colour is unfurled as the national anthem plays in the background

9.56 am: US President arrives at Rajpath with Michelle Obama.

9.50 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Rajpath.

9.40 am: PM Narendra Modi at Amar Jawan Jyoti, pays homeage to martyrs.

9.33 am: An Indian Air Force tableau will roll down the Rajpath with the theme "50 years of 1965 War"

9.15 am:

8.55 am: 7-layer security ring with 50,000 personnel, including 500 US secret service agents, part of Prez Obama's security detail.

8.40 am: Republic Day parade in Delhi: Indian Air Force flypast doubtful because of weather conditions

8:32 am: Barack and Michelle Obama to arrive at the R-Day parade soon

8.10 am: Security guards deployed at Rajpath not allowing black muffler inside the parade area. This is to thwart any apprehension regarding protest.

7.12 am: For the first time, all-women contingents will walk down Rajpath, the focus being the theme of R-day "Nari Shakti".

7.00 am: US President Barack Obama to witness the 66th Republic Day parade as Chief Guest

(Updates for Day 2 of Barack Obama's visit to India)

End of updating for Day 1 of Barack Obama's visit to India.

9.40 pm: President Obama raises a toast for Indo-US ties at the banquet, calls PM Modi a tough person. He said Modi had once survived a crocodile attack. He also said that he is looking forward to the Republic Day celebrations tomorrow.

9.30 pm: President Pranab Mukherjee speaks at the banquet, says India and a USA ties have a big potential.


9.00 pm: Around 250 personalities from various walks attend President Obama's banquet held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Congress chief Sonia Gandhi seen with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

8.59 pm: India, US renew defence framework pact for next 10 years.

8.45 pm: CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury declines the invitation to attend the banquet for President Obama

8.15 pm: President Pranab Mukherjee hosts banquet for visiting US President Barack Obama.

7.53 pm:
MEA issues India-US joint statement.

7.25 pm: Congress takes credit for India-US N-deal, says the Modi government should thank the UPA for this. It also accused the BJP of opposing the deal while in the Opposition.

6.57 pm: India and US will explore development of jet engine in the country: Indian Ambassador to US S Jaishankar

6.55 pm: First time at the leader level, we have a hotline set up: MEA

6.54 pm: India and the US have broken logjam on nuclear deal, says Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh

6.50 pm: MEA briefs and responds to media's questions on issues like N-deal, terrorism, India-Pakistan relation.

(Live) Obama's R-Day visit to India

5.34 pm:

5.30 pm: During talks we compared the amount of time we get, to get some sleep, seems Modi gets less than I do: US President Obama

5.27 pm: We are natural partners because we share values. We are the two largest democracies in the world: President Obama

5.24 pm: The chemistry between us has not only brought Barack & me close but has also brought Washington & Delhi closer : PM Modi

5.20 pm: Climate change and global warming are a huge pressure on India: Modi

5.14 pm: President Obama on Ukraine: We have a profound interest in promoting a principle which is - large countries don't bully smaller countries

5.10 pm:  I am looking forward to tomorrow's ceremonies which I am told are spectacular: President Obama

5.07 pm: I thanked the Prime Minister for India's strong counter-terrorism co-operation: President Obama. Obama says US and India says made a breakthrough on two issues holding up civil nuclear cooperation

5.02 pm: Namaste! I want to express my profound gratitude to the people of India for incredible hospitality: Obama. "At Madison Square you were welcomed by a Bollywood star. We agreed that our trade and economic partnership must focus on improving daily lives of people. Thanks for inviting me for Chai pe charcha," said Obama.

We very much support India's expansion in the field of solar energy, Obama said. "We are also launching new joint programme to improve air quality in Indian cities,"he said.

5.00 pm:

4.57 pm: Terrorism remains a principal global threat, we agreed that we need a comprehensive global strategy to combat it:  PM Modi. "I ask President Obama to lead in making renewable energy more accessible and affordable to the world," said PM Modi.

4.50 pm: It is an honour that you are the chief guest at R-Day celebrations: Modi. "We are honoured that you accepted our invitation to be the chief guest on our Republic Day," says PM Modi.

I am pleased that 6 yrs after we signed our bilateral agreement, we are moving towards commercial cooperation, said Modi. The civil nuclear agreement was the centerpiece of our transformed relationship, he added.

4.48 pm: Modi, Obama to issue joint statement

4.43 pm: Delegation level meeting ends, PM Modi and Prez Obama to issue joint statement shortly.

4.13 pm:

4.02 pm: PM Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama to issue a joint statement shortly

3.15 pm: U.S. agrees to withdraw "tracking clause" in the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal: Times Now.

3.08 pm: PM Modi and President Obama seated at the 'shamiana' in the Hyderabad House gardens

3.05 pm:

3.03 pm: PM Modi and President Obama take a stroll in the gardens at the Hyderabad House in Delhi

2.40 pm:

2.34 pm: India raises the issue of cross border terrorism with US. Issue of Pak infiltration on the table

2.05 pm: PM Modi presents the 'official report of the Constituent Assembly debates' to President Obama

1.25 pm:

1.20 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives US President Obama at Hyderabad House.

1.10 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Hyderabad House, Obama on his way.

1.03 pm: Obama will be gifted a charkha or a spinning wheel, a khadi shawl, three books and a bust of Mahatma Gandhi

12.55 pm: Delhi: US President Barack Obama plants a sapling at Rajghat

 12.48 pm: Barack Obama pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat

12.44 pm: Barack Obama arrives at Rajghat

12.30 pm: Barack Obama traveling in "The Beast" to the Rajghat after the ceremonial guard at the Rashtrapati Bhavan

12.26 pm: Great honour to be back in India: US President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhawan

12.23 pm: Barack Obama meets dignitaries at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

12.20 pm:

12.15 pm: US President Barack Obama honored with a 21-gun salute at Rashtrapati Bhawan

12.10 pm: US President Barack Obama arrives at the President House for ceremonial reception.

12.03 pm: Pranab Mukherjee, Narendra Modi reach President House ahead of Guard of Honour for Barack Obama

11.55 am: PM Narendra Modi arrives at the forecourt of Rashtrpati Bhavan.

11.33 am: President Barack Obama honoured to be back in India, says White House

11.20 am: Rashtrapati Bhavan readies itself to formally welcome US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

11.10 am: India-US nuclear deal finalised, announcement likely at Modi-Obama joint conference: sources

10.55 am: Roads outside ITC Maurya in Delhi, where US President Obama and the First Lady will be staying, cordoned off

10.37 am: US President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at ITC Maurya.

10.32 am: CCTV cameras, halogen lights set up every 20 meters on road outside ITC Maurya

10.30 am; Special sniffer dog squad of Indo-Tibetan border police deployed

10.25 am: 

10.08 am: Senior Cabinet ministers including Gadkari, Jaitley, Piyush Goel will be in banquet hosted in honor of Obama at Rashtrapati Bhavan

10.02 am: Heavy security at Rajghat

9.55 am: US President Barack Obama heads to Maurya hotel in his armoured limousine 'The Beast'

9.51 am: US President Barack Obama received by PM Narendra Modi.

9.50 am:

9.41 am:

9.40 am: Air Force One touches Down in Palam Airport, Delhi

9.35 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to go receive US President Obama at Palam Airport in Delhi

9.30 am:

9.15 am: Preparations underway at Palam Airport for President Obama's arrival in India

9.00 am: PM Modi and US President Obama will go for a stroll together in the Hyderabad House gardens after joint statement

8.40 am: R-Day: Rajpath divided into 13 security zones

8.30 am: The First couple of the US to arrive in India at 10 am

8:15 am: High security maintained

8:00 am: Mitchelle obama and US President Barack Obama embark the Air Force One for a three-day tour to India

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