Banned frequencies: Did crucial army, police information slip out?

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Bengaluru, May 16: Tuning into banned frequencies has become relatively an easy task. An investigation being conducted by the Bhopal police has found that several persons part of a group had purchased wireless sets and had tuned them into banned frequencies which gave them information which the army and the police have.

A shop in Crawford Market, Mumbai has been selling these wireless sets to persons who in turn use it to gather information which the army and the police has been picking up.

Army's confidential info slipped out?

The information is vital and ranges between strategy and troop movement.

The menace of these banned wireless sets:

It all began when the police arrested a person by the name Waqar Khan who was running an illegal private security agency. There was jabber picked up by the military intelligence and on tracking the same it was found that a man in Bhopal had tuned into banned freqencies.

On arresting Khan, the police found that he had purchased these sets from the Crawford Market and was using them for a couple of months now. On being questioned, he initially confessed, but immediately retracted his statement.

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He now tells the police he had sourced these wireless sets from the Gulf long back. Regarding the frequencies he had tuned into, he told the police that they were not banned at the time he had purchased these sets.

Why did he have 70 wireless sets:

The fact that the police over a period of time managed to seize 70 wireless sets all tuned into banned frequencies is a matter of concern. All these sets were picking up information regarding the police and the army.

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However the police say that there is nothing as of now to indicate that he was involved in terrorist activities. We are still investigating the matter to find out what exactly he was using all this information for, an officer associated with the probe informed.

In addition to this, the military intelligence and the central intelligence bureau officials have also joined the probe. They are trying to find out what exactly he was upto and whether any vital information shared on the network had been compromised.

Sourcing these banned wireless sets:

The wireless sets that are available in the market are pre-approved and the frequencies are dedicated only for the purpose of common use. These wireless sets are often picked up security agencies and they can use it only to communicate among themselves.

However the problem is of the banned wireless sets. These are often sourced from the Gulf and are tuned to pick up signals that are banned for the common man. There is a racket in Mumbai where these sets are sold and the investigation on hand has revealed that all these sets were purchased from the Crawford Market.

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