Baliga files: Documents running up to 1000 pages will be released soon

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Bengaluru/Mangaluru, July 11: The dastardly killing of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga in the wee hours of March 21 has sent out an alarming message of razing RTI voice. Rage has gripped among RTI activists hearing the brutality unleashed in the coastal district.

For a certain sections in the Mangaluru; particularly builders, bureaucrats and trustees of Venkataramana Temple- Baliga's death has rendered ease as Baliga was up against these people in his fight against injustice. Vinayak Baliga for over 6 years had been wrestling with muddied system in different horizons to realise justice. 

Vinayak Baliga

A key repercussion of his murder is a sudden collapse of his war against social injustice. He had filed slew of RTI applications that date back to 2010 and sent legal notices to many to bring culprits to book. Given the fact that Baliga is no more what will happen to these documents that run up thousand pages which he had procured through RTI?

Investigation at play

In a coordinated investigation effort, a group of online investigative scribes have managed to assess documents to the tune of 1000 pages that was assembled by Investigation Officers from the house of Vinayak Baliga. These journalists had published series of investigative stories on Baliga's murder and played pivotal role in bringing it to the public the alleged role of Yuva Brigade leader and accused Naresh Shenoy and his associates in Baliga's murder.

In these documents there are information on alleged exclusive scams of builders, bureaucrats, trustees and many others.

The journalists have decided to name these documents as 'Baliga files' and it will be released soon one by one. The documents lament the tale of Baliga's fight and sorry state of affairs of various pockets to which he filed RTI and hotly pursued his battle for justice. In all possibility these documents those have been kept at safe place at Barke police station may see the dust and finally forgotten in a long run.

However, opening these documents to the public could influence others to continue the fight. Baliga might have been dead, but not his papers. Fight can still go on.

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