Back from Pak, there are no takers for this man

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Moradabad, Feb 3: Released by the Pakistani government, Mohammad Ahmad crossed borders to India to what he called 'home' till now. But to his surprise, there were no open arms waiting for him on the other side. 2 years on, he is waiting for someone to take him home.

Incidentally, he is unable to share either neither his address or name any of his relatives. The procedure, however, requires a proper handover. Nevertheless, of what could be figured out from his descriptions, he may have belonged to Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh

The district administration has written to the UP government, but it yet to get any response from them. "Nothing has worked so far," says Dr Randhir Singh at the Red Cross where Ahmad is sheltered with other Indians who have returned from Pakistan.

Doctors say that Ahmad is doing fine, but he never speaks of his home or his stay at Pakistan jails. "We ask him for details, but he does not share much. We have made efforts with whatever records we had. Even why he went to Pakistan and how long he spent there is not exactly known," authorities say.

Like Ahmad, there are others too who are waiting to be taken back home. But their hopes dim when even after tracing their addresses, their close family do not come to meet them.

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